It doesn't seem like this group ever really took off :(
If you guys are still interested in participating in competitions, check out this group, "Music Battle!" ▼

It is similar to this group in that the winner gets to pick the next theme (sides of the battle).
We just started the battle for March so you'd be just in time! Hope to see you there!

P.S. Let me know if you want me to delete this discussion piano1mn :)

5 years ago

Competition Two

Only Rules

Classical style or jazz
Sonata for at most two Instruments

6 years ago

First Competition

No voting in this discussion (vote in the discussion "No.1 Competition Votes")
Follow the challenge
No voting for yourself

The First Challenge Is:
Improvise a Fugue and then write Variations on the Subject:

The Winner Gets to Choose the Next Challenge (Can Submit Sheet Music to the That Competition, but cannot participate)! Also will by moderator of this group!!!! Deadline is August 8!

6 years ago