Solace Workshop - Project Avant Guard - Hiring Volunteers!

Greetings everyone!

The nonprofit gaming organization "Solace Workshop" that I am a part of is looking to refill one of our adjunct composer/sound engineer positions for our developing game, codenamed "Project Avant Guard". It is a turn-based strategy war game based off of our old favorite Steam game March of War. Most of us on SW are dedicated players of this game and we're hoping to create one ourselves.
March of War Gameplay:

As the lead composer for the music/sound department of this project, I've been commissioned to compile a soundtrack album along with the team for this game. However, we are still looking for people who would like to co-op on this project. As an adjunct composer and sound engineer, you'll be remastering the tracks made into a more real-life track using any sound libraries you have, and also composing tracks when needed.

Here is our Soundcloud portfolio of the completed tracks we have. We have over 30 tracks finished, but 9 remastered.
Here is our temporary website -

Our only requirements:
1. Must have 2 or more years of experience in composing film/game music.
2. Must have a portfolio with tracks to listen to or read. (Musescore profiles work, but if you have a soundcloud mp3 or wav file to listen to, we would like to see that as well).
3. Must be 15 years or older.
4. Must have a sound library other than that of Musescore's. (The reason why require this is because we need someone who is able to remaster our tracks to sound more real).

**NOTE: THIS IS VOLUNTEER WORK. Any and all work is donated to the organization for the game. I am also subjected to this because I am not getting paid either. We ALL our volunteers at the organization**

This is a 2-3 year plan. If anyone is interested, let me know in the comments or by emailing me at! We would love to have people from the Musescore community to join us!

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a year ago

J.A.I. Music Website Launched!

Hey guys! I was hoping to ask you all a favor, I just launched a website with the help of Wix, to promote more of my music to the public. I was hoping you would help me and share it with your friends or maybe leave a comment on it. I would really appreciate it as it would help further my career not only in Music Education, but also in Composing. Thanks a bunch!

~ Joshua A. I.

J.A.I. Music Website -

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3 years ago

A brand new song, and the reason for AFKness

Hey guys! So I just finished a small secondary piece called Sanctum Tabernaculum, which means Sacred Tabernacle in Latin. It's my first organ composition. I tried to compose in D Dorian, but I feel like it didn't work haha.
I tried posting this on, but I'm using Mac to make all my music now and the 1.2 version won't work, as well as 2.0 beta not finished yet. So that's why I haven't posted in a while. Anyways, enjoy! As soon as 2.0 is finished, I'll publish all the music I have.

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4 years ago

Auditions for The Musescore Virtual Orchestras

I want to start on a huge project, that requires the help of everyone! Much like Eric Witacres's Virtual Choir, I will be compiling recordings of a large number of people, into one track.
Auditions have started and will run through the 13th of June. The piece we will be performing is most likely going to be one of my original compositions and will be a huge undertaking.
As of right now, we are short of String players and Vocalists, but all auditions are welcome. If you are interested or would like to audition, the link is below and you can email me, at the email below.
The link is
My email is:
Thank you for everyone's support !!!

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4 years ago

>>>>>HELP with Piano recording<<<<< (Fugue of the Storm Piano)

Hey guys... I have a bit of a dilemma... I have been playing piano for a long time now, and have decided I want to start recording and sharing my works... However, my problem is this: I have an upright piano in the house, and access to the church's baby grand. (Key to church and permission to use it...) The only problem is I have not recording equipment, besides a cheap camera. I don't have tons of money to spend. I know how much good recording equipment costs, and just can't afford that. (17 years old, has college, a nearby cash car purchase, and a lawn business to maintain with funds...) Does anyone have any good suggestions?

As further incentive (other than helping a poor soul...), The piece I am working on now is a full piano transcription of Ashboy's Fugue of the storm, one of the most popular (and difficult) playable pieces on this site. I plan on having it done and polished in a week or two, and making a videoscore, but I really do not have good enough recording equipment for such a good piece.


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4 years ago

Movie Soundtrack Project (WIP) PLEASE HELP! FEEDBACK NEEDED!

Hey guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I am shifting my focus for the next month or so from producing small 4 or 5 minute compositions to working on one large project. I am doing something new here, and hope to inspire some of you to try the same thing. We all dream of being able to compose a soundtrack for a film, but it is very hard to get that opportunity, much less practice for that.

What I have done is create the plot to a film in my mind. Basically I spent a few days thinking about it, developing a plot, characters, story, etc. Mainly I tried to visualize it, take down notes that probably only I will understand, and basically make it so I can SEE the movie, even though it doesn't exist. Now comes the fun part.

I started composing a soundtrack to said invisible movie, as I call it, with staff text above all of the notes which explain what is going on, what is being said, what the scene is like, etc. It is sort of like reading a book with a soundtrack, but organised so that you only can read what is happening as the music plays. It is far from finished, needs a lot of refining, and I only have about 5 minutes done so far. I would like to compose about an hour's worth here, and make it into a video score where the text comes up rather than using staff text.

To give you guys a general idea of what I am doing, I have used CamStudio to record my screen as I played it. Just watch the 5 minute video, and see what I mean by an invisible video.


(This song needs headphones and the volume turned all the way up...)


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4 years ago


I know one of the biggest challenges for most new musescore users is how to add tremolo and pizzicato to strings, and mute to trumpets. I know it baffled me for a while, but I want to spread the word on how it is done in a way that it will generate actual AUDIO PLAYBACK!!!!!


(I will be using tremolo as an example, but the process is exactly the same for pizzicato and mute.)

Step 1: Click on the note where you want to start. When that note is highlited (usually in blue), click Ctrl + T (Or use the menu to do Create > Text > Staff Text).

Step 2: Type whatever you want here, although just to avoid confusion, you should write "tremolo" Or even some specific directions, like "Slow Tremolo" or "Furious Tremolo".

Step 3: Click away from the text box. Now drag it until it is in a suitable place. (The text box will often initially be created inside of some notes, so just make sure it is clearly out of the way, yet right above the notes you want to start the tremolo at, similar to if you wanted to add a tempo text box.)

Step 4: Right Click on the text box you just created, and in the dropdown box, click Staff Text Properties.

Step 5: Check the "Channel" box, and then click the Tremolo option.

Step 6: At this point, you are done, and musescore will play the tremolo sound. However, if you want your piece to be readable and playable by musicians, you should add real musical tremolo marks onto the notes, via the palette on the left. (The same one that has dynamics, lines, Accidentals, etc.) THESE MARKINGS DO NOTHING FOR THE MUSESCORE PLAYBACK, BUT ARE NECESSARY IF YOU WANT THE PIECE TO BE PLAYABLE BY MUSICIANS.


Let me know if you have any questions, and try to spread the word! I will be copying and pasting this discussion in as many groups as I can! Thank you all and please give me feedback!

(P.S. you will probably not be seeing any more compositions from me for a while. I am currently working on a LARGE orchestral suite, hopefully over an HOUR LONG. This will be in the form of a full soundtrack as a demonstration of what I can do. I have no movie to go along with, but I will via text tell the listener what is supposed to be happening. I wanted to say this to explain my soon to be absence from the sheet music list. I will keep listening, commenting, and participating in discussions, however!)

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4 years ago

The Gods and Titans

I have recently started a suite titled: “The Gods and Titans”
I have been working diligently on this Suite and I want to show off the work I have put in to making this one of my most ambitious, and yet rewarding, projects to date.
You can view all of them using these links:

My First movement in the suite, dedicated the god Hephaestus-

My Second movement, which, I must unfortunately say, is still incomplete; dedicated to the god Hermes-

My Third, and what I consider being one of my greatest pieces, Athena-

And finally my most recent addition to my suite, Prometheus, The Bringer of Knowledge-

I’d love to hear what the general public thinks of my suite as of right now!
Thank you everyone so far for making this one of my most successful projects to date!

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4 years ago

Come hear how hard I've been working!

Hey everyone. I hate to promote myself so shamelessly, but I've been working pretty hard lately on some of this stuff. Have a listen if you have a minute, I guarantee you'll be pleasantly surprised! -- This one is a three-movement piano solo I wrote between September and December of 2013. -- I suppose you could consider this one to be a tiny piano concerto (only 6 instruments, including the piano, and only 4:16 long). This one's a lot of fun! -- Here we have my newest work-in-progress. This is the first time I'm writing for an orchestra. The piece will be performed on March 16th at Bennington College, and I'm extremely excited to hear how it really sounds!

And, if you like what you hear, feel free to poke around my page!

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5 years ago

T.C.L Contest #1 - No Theme

It's been a while since I last heard from everyone here! I thought it would be a good idea to host a little contest to see who here is the present-day favorite of the League. Please show good sportsmanship.

You can only post up to a maximum of of 2 pieces. No more than that.
Any instrument(s)
Anyone register by just adding a piece.
Anyone can vote.
All votes count up to 1. Admin votes count up to 1.5
You can only vote for one member ONCE so vote wisely.
You cannot vote for yourself.

Please keep in mind this competition is for fun and sportsmanship. Please keep all comments and posts fair. Also, it is highly recommended to listen to the whole piece. Not just a part, but the whole composition. As it is only fair if every musical idea is taken into account when voting.

Good Luck!

DEADLINE FOR REGISTER: August 11th, 2012
DEADLINE FOR VOTE: August 25th, 2012

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6 years ago

The 3rd International Frank Ticheli Composition Contest

I may be freaking insane. But I am definitely gonna try and sign up for this! It's gonna be a huge try and I would appreciate all the support I could get.
This contest is supported by Frank Ticheli and Manhattan Beach Music. All composers are welcome to enter, minors such as I must have a signature from their parents or guardians. There are 3 categories, middle school, high school, and college/universties. These categories show what level your composition is for the musical arts. 1st prized winners get their compositions published by Manhattan Beach Music. 2nd, 3rd prized winners, and honorable mentions may be offered publication. AND I believe everyone gets at least $10,000 for submitting. (Information on $10,000 not guaranteed).
Think I could get noticed? I need huge support on this! I am really thinking of doing this! I appreciate all the support with my music. NOW I need it the most!

Link to the Contest:

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6 years ago