What is the Definition of a Sin?

For this debate, let us assume that the BIble tells the whole truth. Even if you are an atheist, as I am, imagine, just for this debate, that you are merely denying an obvious truth of the world, and that you are completely unaware you are denying it.

Given this, what is a sin at it's core level? Is it an intentional wrongdoing? Is it an error in judgement? Is the only thing that makes a particular act a sin the fact that God says it is a sin?

Are there loopholes? Can you find a way to commit the act without it connecting back to you (I.E. hiring an assassin, or something to that effect)?

Can the definition be changed? Has it already changed due to the new testament?

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a month ago

Is *_*'s (Graemx's) Blocking Of Users Justified?

*_* keeps blocking people. After receiving criticism about this on his old channel, Graemx, he deleted all his scores and deleted his channel, and created a new channel called *_*.  a few hours ago he had 3 scores and had made 2 comments one of them about why he blocks people.  If you want to know his reasons are also listed in the about section of his profile. Someone tried to persuade him to change his mind, but he just blocked the person and deleted his comment. I commented that I agreed with said commenter and not one minute passes until he blocks me like he has done so often. His reasons for blocking seem pretty strange. He says that he is on musescore to upload scores and not to get hateful and spiteful comments. Was this previous person who commented on his score spiteful? no he was just trying to explain the gaps in graemx's reasoning. Graemx says not to be offended when he blocks us, as he only wants feedback from eminent and informed people. But musescore was designed for criticism and commenting. If it wasn't why would there be comments, discussions, or even groups for that matter. How will Graemx ever learn and improve by blocking everyone who doesn't like his scores or opinions. I checked on his channel again later only to find that he had deleted all of his scores. What are your beliefs on this?

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11 days ago

Trial for Non-Citizens

I have been thinking long and hard about this, and I wonder why the issue is not brought up at all; at least not that I can readily see.
This thought came into my mind because of the recent murder of a woman by an illegal alien who was deported 5 times, but kept coming back.
The link for a brief overview is here:

So the question is: should non-citizens be guaranteed right to a speedy and public trial by their peers? In the United States, that is a right that the citizens can enjoy and is very important to the founding and make up of our country. Should an illegal alien be protected by the same rights as a legal citizen? I mean all enumerated rights in the U.S. Constitution, not only the 6th amendment.

Here is a previous heated debate on immigration that I hosted.. I was thinking it would be a nice reference to this debate:

I want to hear your views! Even those of you who don't live in the States.

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3 years ago


 Debate Time:

Is mixing your cereals okay to do? (Personally I mix my cereal in order to get more flavor, like a chocolate cereal mixed with a bland cereal adds a lot more flavor.) 

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a month ago

Best Music Styles!

Y'all are really serious...let's have a silly, light-hearted debate!

What's the best style of music? You can name a more classical style, a more "popular style, anything - classical...country...pop...opera...rap...musical theatre...religious...jazz...whatever you want. :p

Why is it the best style of music, in your opinion? Is it because of the chord progressions...the instruments...the lyrics...the culture...why?

NO hating on people for liking something you don't! Let's just have some fun, silly banter about different styles and the pros and cons of them all! We're getting way too rigid and formal in this group, and we need to have fun debates, too! :)

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13 days ago

Immigration in America: Illegal Amnesty

This is a hot topic and probably will be for the next couple decades.
Is it lawful to allow 30,000,000 illegal aliens amnesty? If these illegal aliens deserve amnesty, then what makes them different from their relatives back at home? In fact what makes them different from the millions of starving children in Africa or Asia? Why not just have the 6.5 billion people that live in all 3rd world countries come here?
Do you want to know why these illegal aliens "deserve" to be here? It's because they are a new block of democratic voters.
The country is split, pretty much 50/50 Conservative and Liberal, these 30,000,000, give or take, would tip the balance for Democrats.
These politicians really don't care about hispanics; they care about power and these new voters will keep them in their positions for a long time.

Obviously you can see my viewpoint on the issue, what are yours?

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3 years ago

Refugees of the Syrian War and the European response

I want to see how others feel on the refugee crisis in europe presently and what you think should happen.
You can even touch on stuff contributing tonthe crisis such as the Syrian warn

I believe that europe could do more ...look at greece for example they aretrying to help evdn in their state of crisis while countries such as hungary tryto deny help and prefer to push must of the burdens on countries like germany
I also believe other countries such as china and russia could do more to help end conflictmso ghat these people can hsve home to go back to and a sablr cou try to which they can call a homeland

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3 years ago


Everyone knows that plagarism is bad (at least, I hope so). What I would like to know is, what do you think should be the proper punishment for it? Should we have different punishments based on what the original source is? Should the Internet be so "free" that you can copy anything on it without citing your source?

As soon as we get two differing opinions, we can have a good debate.

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2 years ago

Mumble Rap: Skill or no skill?

Mumble Rap. For those who don't know, it's rappers like Lil Uzi Vert, Desiigner, Migos, etc., who sound like they have a mouthful of peanut butter while trying to rap. However, I wanted your opinions, as I might be missing some piece of vital context to their music.

My opinion is that it is not really skilled music. For instance, Lil Uzi Vert, on his song Peek A Boo:

My new b*tch yellow
She blow that dick like a cello

Besides the generic "She blows my genitalia like a musical instrument" metaphor/punchline, he just said she blows a CELLO. Especially in this modern age, he has no excuse when he can just google what a Cello is.

Skilled rappers, in my opinion, include people like Tech N9ne, who focus on overall speed and understandiblity, or someone lie Aesop Rock (not A$AP Rocky, Aesop Rock), who's verbosity rivals that of Shakespeare (Dude wrote a song about his cat Kirby that's literally 2:57 minutes long https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7T_KKiQiolk).

So what do y'all think of mumble rap? Does it take skill to write/perform or not?

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a year ago

Do you think the US should ban guns?

I personally don't think so. I think it would be a dumb idea, because people that want to commit those crimes are going to get guns. And that puts all the innocent people in danger, and they will not be able to protect themselves or their family.

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a year ago

I believe

I believe in salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone. If you disagree, please show me in the Bible that your belief is valid.

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22 days ago