The Trolley Problem

Feb 3, 2018

So the trolley problem's this moral question thing....
So here are the scenarios:

1. You see an unattended trolley coming down the tracks toward 5 unsuspecting workers who are working on the tracks. If nothing is done then the trolley will certainly kill them. However, there is a lever to deter the trolley onto another empty track. Do you pull the lever?

2. So same scenario as in the first question but now on the side track, there's one unsuspecting worker. Would you pull the lever to save the five workers at the expense of that one worker?

3. Same scenario with the trolley and the five workers, but now there's no side track. However, there is an enormously fat man standing nearby. If you push the fat man onto the tracks, he will certainly stop the trolley, saving the five people, but he will die as a result. Do you push the fat man?

Share your thoughts below. And if you know any more variations of the trolley problem feel free to share.