This is a room for people to socialize. Friendly banter/teasing is allowed, but no cyber bullying/insulting peoples. Also, STAY APPROPRIATE AND CIVILIZED. Thank you very much.

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5 years ago

New Competition - Write a Symphony in a Month!!!

Hey everyone. I decided to start up a competition for everyone - to write an entire symphony - all four movements - in only a month! I know this might be quite difficult for a lot of composers here, but the more prolific ones may want to give it a shot. Comment below if you're interested, and start brainstorming any ideas you have (Don't organise them though, or that would be cheating! ;) )
Competition begins on the 25th of August and ends of the 25th of September.
Registration closes on the 24th - Comment to sign up!

At the end, we will review the applicants and try to determine a winner and 2 runner ups.

Happy Composing!

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4 years ago

Evaluation Music: POST HERE

This is a discussion to post names of songs you want evaluated. If you see a song and have time, please be kind and evaluate it! (After evaluating, please post the name of the song you evaluated or send a message to that user.)

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5 years ago