This is a harmony I made to try to express the sadness and euforia of the bipolar complex. I lived througth this and while tring to find a harmony to a minor song it came out like this. I'm not a good musician but this is what I can do so far! I know music is supposed to express beautifull things, but the ocilations in humor are also part of human nature.I basicaly played arround with major and minor. If you know other tecniques please tell me!

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24 days ago

Trying a different style

This might not be my first "jazzy feeling" song, but this is something of a new feel for me. I'm just trying it out seeing if i can really get something out of it. Unfinished? Yes, which is why I'm asking about it now. I've always struggled with the percussion parts ever since I first started composing, and I know they plague like everyone whose inexperienced. So, percussionists, teach me your way! What must I do to get it right?
(Also, it says voice cause I might record myself singing the parts in the final version.)

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a month ago

Custom Colored Notes - Tutorial

Every (by now) should know about the color notes plugin that makes everything rainbow color. But what if I don't want a Skittles themed sheet music?

Well, I'm here to save the day!

The first step is to find the default plugins, which are (on the mac) inside of the application itself (you click show package contents from the right click menu, and then Contents>Resources>Plugins). We're looking for color_notes (or something like that)

Copy it and paste it into another folder, and open it either with a text editor or Musescore's plugin creator.

This part requires a bit of knowledge about Hex Color Codes (or this site: )

You're going to change the values in the very beginning of the code (don't touch the last one that's on its own, that is used to reset the colors to black if it's used again). I haven't tested it, but I'm fairly certain you have to keep all the values in order for it to work. Be sure to use the 6 figure value for the code, not the RBG or CYMK or whatever else.

Then save it, run it, and BAM! Ya got them pretty colo(u)rs.

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2 years ago

Playback's affect on colored notes

So I found the great instructions on how to change the colors of the notes in the colored not plug in, but now I have a new issue. I plan to use the continuous play back function to help the children know when to play their note so I’m not so busy pointing at the music and can pay more attention to them. However, in the play back function it highlights the colored notes and changes them to blue. This will be highly confusing. Has anyone found a way to stop the playback function from changing the notes to blue?

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5 months ago

The Shephard's Tone

has anyone been able to emulate the Shephard's tone within musescore? I see a lot of film composers utilizing this effect and I feel it really fits within the kind of style I want to create. I'm trying to just start off with scales that seem to ascend forever but it seems there's a gap in the sound when octaves flip (especially in the higher register). Any input about the Shephard's tone is appreciated :)

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a year ago

More Dubstep?

So I already wrote dubstep on musescore and i was wondering if anybody has any suggestions. not I don't think anything too extreme will be possible on here so anything other than that is okay.

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4 years ago

Custom Pokemon Soundtrack Contest! Read the rules please!

I've started a
That's right, create your own main-series Pokemon themes. That means at least the following:
-Title theme
-3 town/city themes
-3 route themes
-Wild Pokemon Battle
-Trainer Battle
-Gym Leader Battle
It's legal as long as:
-Contains at least a treble clef and a bass clef
-Parts are clearly defined and separated (double barlines/text at top of page/timings in description)

Wild Pokemon Battle guide is here:

Optional stuff:
-Preferably have percussion.
-If you used a different soundfont than the default to make the piece, link it in the description or create a videoscore.
-Loop once and fade out at end of each part (if you can't do this, just create an alternate ending or something).
-Separating parts and uploading to external website for easy downloading (in case one of your themes are so good that someone HAS to get it without opening up MS and cutting and pasting and all that)
-Bonus for 10 or more instruments! (what bonus, I don't know)
-Bonus also to amazingly clever or awesome themes. People will know it when they hear it.
-Bonus to those who do more than the required.
-Letting people know of your processes in creating the score.
-Making up town names.
-Pokemon Center
-Rival's Theme
-Rival Battle (for rival music be sure to give personality)
-Elite Four Battle
-Enemy Team Battle
-Antagonist(s) Battle
-Champion Battle
-Legendary Pokemon Battle
-SPECIFIC Legendary Battles?
-Surf Theme
-Bike Theme
-Dive Theme?
DEADLINE: June 4, 2016. Scoring period will last a week and end on January 30. Results should be announced by February 7.
IMPORTANT: To submit, simply reply the URL to the listings post. I'll make the list at Pokegeeks ( of the pieces people submit.
The winners are chosen based on their score's favorite:views ratio.

Think of yourself playing a new Pokemon game. What music do you think you would hear at each location? If you were to make that game, what kind of personality or theme would the game have? Once you plan exactly whatever style you want, and create a melody, all you have to do is let yourself go. Or at least that works with me.

Spread the word and discuss! Let me know if I forgot anything. ^_^

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3 years ago

What are your top ten? - Quels sont vos top ten?

Hello! It is always good to look back on our own achievements (compositions or musical arrangements) by year end to assess whether that has had the most success all styles. I invite you to share your top ten accomplishments from this discussion:

Bonjour! Il est toujours bon de faire un retour sur nos propres réalisations (compositions ou arrangements musicales) en fin d'année afin d'évaluer se qui a eu le plus de succès tous styles confondus. Je vous invite donc de partager vos dix meilleurs réalisations à partir de cette discussion:

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3 years ago

Auditions for The Musescore Virtual Orchestras

I want to start on a huge project, that requires the help of everyone! Much like Eric Witacres's Virtual Choir, I will be compiling recordings of a large number of people, into one track.
Auditions have started and will run through the 13th of June. The piece we will be performing is most likely going to be one of my original compositions and will be a huge undertaking.
As of right now, we are short of String players and Vocalists, but all auditions are welcome. If you are interested or would like to audition, the link is below and you can email me, at the email below.
The link is
My email is:
Thank you for everyone's support !!!

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4 years ago

About Finale Note Reader

Hey i know u guys know what the Finale Note Reader.
I've been trying for a while to make a GIANT Kingdom Hearts arrangement however I've hit a road block the arrangements. I want use off the Square Sound Web Cite but they only use final. If any of you use or have Finale Note Reader please i beg of you help me get midi or MusicXML file of those songs not piano versions just the orchestral versions. thank you.

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4 years ago

How to Experiment?

Hey, guys. I'm MegaMettaurs3000, and I'm fairly new to this group. WHat do you guys think makes music "unique?" After all, we are the Experimenters!

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6 years ago