Custom Colored Notes - Tutorial

• Nov 21, 2016

Every (by now) should know about the color notes plugin that makes everything rainbow color. But what if I don't want a Skittles themed sheet music?

Well, I'm here to save the day!

The first step is to find the default plugins, which are (on the mac) inside of the application itself (you click show package contents from the right click menu, and then Contents>Resources>Plugins). We're looking for color_notes (or something like that)

Copy it and paste it into another folder, and open it either with a text editor or Musescore's plugin creator.

This part requires a bit of knowledge about Hex Color Codes (or this site: )

You're going to change the values in the very beginning of the code (don't touch the last one that's on its own, that is used to reset the colors to black if it's used again). I haven't tested it, but I'm fairly certain you have to keep all the values in order for it to work. Be sure to use the 6 figure value for the code, not the RBG or CYMK or whatever else.

Then save it, run it, and BAM! Ya got them pretty colo(u)rs.


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