Auditions for My Virtual Orchestra

As the title suggests, I want to start on a huge project, that requires the help of everyone! Much like Eric Witacres's Virtual Choir, I will be compiling recordings of a large number of people, into one track.
Auditions have not been announced and I will be starting a new group, dedicated to this concept. The piece we will be performing is most likely going to be one of my original compositions and will require a large amount of responsibility to everyone (making sure they play their part at the correct tempo and sounds decent).
If you are interested, the link is
If you have any further questions, my email is:
Thank you for everyone's support !!!
Hope to see you in my orchestra

4 years ago

New piano music

I would like to invite members to hear and critique score of my 4 moment musicales for solo piano.I like to hear from casual listeners as well as those who study music.

5 years ago

Need help with sheet music.

I have been a piano player for eight years,and Musescore has been my first foray into online sheet music finding. In my travels online, I have found many sheet music that I have been allowed to use for personal use.

I need help finding the newest music coming out. If I can't find it or if it doesn't exist, I'm asking for the help of someone or the kindness of others to make the music from scratch.

Right now, I'm looking for "Miss Jackson" by Panic at the Disco feat. Lolo. Anyone who can help me please comment or get a hold of me at one of my listed social networking accounts.

More songs will be added as I need them.

Thank you and I hope to get to know a lot of you.

5 years ago

Key Signatures and Maths

Suppose that I want to write variations from "Cb major" (Ab minor) to "C# minor" (A# minor), with 11 times of "modulations"

If I only use 6 methods ( rules? ) to change the key signatures:
(1)3 semitones above. (C major -> Eb major). Noted as "+3".
(2)3 semitones below. (C major -> A major). Noted as "-3".
(3)4 semitones above. (C major -> E major). Noted as "+4".
(4)4 semitones below. (C major -> Ab major). Noted as "-4".
(5)5 semitones above. (C major -> F major). Noted as "+5".
(6)5 semitones below. (C major -> G major). Noted as "-5".

If I want to change "C flat major" to "C sharp major" after 11 times of "modulations", there's a way like that: (the times with each methods):
(1) +3 : twice
(2) -3 : twice
(3) +4 : twice
(4) -4 : once
(5) +5 : triple
(6) -5 : once

Because 3*2+(-3)*2+4*2+(-4)*1+5*3+(-5)*1=14=12+2.

Therefore, I can change the key signatures from Cb major to C# major "by some rules".

Question: Is there a way to use 12 DIFFERENT key signatures by changing the key signatures from Cb major to C# "by these rules"?
( For example: Cb -> Eb ->... ->E ->C# ).

6 years ago

A Crazy Dream About 12 Different Key Signatures

I had a crazy dream about key signatures: a variation with 2 themes and 12 parts, the key signature of each part is different. The pattern is "minor, major, minor, major, minor, major...".

After I woke up, I realized that I made a big mistake in my sonatina. I only used 11 different key signatures. But, there are 12 different key signatures! How careless I am!

So, is there a famous piece with 12 different key signatures? I want to read it.

By the way, I wish someone could use the idea from my dream. I want to hear such a variation. But I don't have any idea about it, even the themes. And I don't want to arrange any famous themes, since many people do so, even famous composers.

( For example:
Paganini Caprice No.24
Twelve Variations on "Ah vous dirai-je, Maman". )

6 years ago

The Sound of Shocking

So I'm arranging (again) the Overture from Phantom for my school orchestra to do next year. Anyways, I saw the live broadcast of the Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall last October, and I now see what I am missing: the sound of electrical 'popping', for want of a better word. If you go and search the song on youtube, you can hear it for the first couple minutes, and that is what mine needs as well.

The problem of course is that I have no idea what kind of instrument could produce that sound. This whole experience is kinda new to me, I'm better at piano/vocal arrangements.

I've already got a timpani, piano, and 5-peice drumset, in addition to upright bass, cello, violas, violins 1 and 2, so I don't really want it to blend in with them too much.

I'd love to do actual electricity, but I fear that might be a bit dangerous, because the stage that my orchestra preforms on is already crowded enough, and I don't want to start a fire.

Ideas on what instrument might work?

6 years ago