An ideal Ubuntu Linux derivative (or flavour) ver.16.04 LTS as an Operating System to install Musescore .....

I am a newby to Musescore. I am excited about the new version of this Opensource Notation application.

I want to know which is the best flavour of Linux that I can use as the Operating system for installing Musescore - Ubuntu is out with their new 16.04 LTS release. Besides the other flavours to this release are also out - to name a few, Lubuntu 16.04; UbuntuStudio 16.04 or the Musix Operating System 3.0.1 (specifically meant for the Musicians) etc.

As Musescore is a very useful tool for music teachers and music students, I would like to know as to which Ubuntu Linux (ver.16.04) flavour specifically would be best to install it on.

I need help in choosing the best Ubuntu Linux 16.04 flavour to install Musescore version 2.0.3 and get the best out of this software for Music Instruction to students. Or would I be fine using Musix OS 3.0.1 which is newly released? Or any other flavour?

Patrick J. Rego
Bangalore, India.

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2 years ago