Music Competition!

How many people would like to be in a short, friendly Competition?
Nothing elaborate!
It is just an outlet for your ideas!

** The piece has to be at least 16-18 measures but no longer than 5 minutes. It can have any instruments you would like. Also it has to be 100% an original melody. **


Title it "" EMC ~ *name of piece* "" (Epic Music Competition) and post it to The HomeSchool Group

There is no prize for this. Just to get your name out there and to share your work with others!

Have fun! Stay Creative!!


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2 years ago

One word game anybody?!

I’m pretty sure most of us know the game. One person starts the story with one word, then everybody will just keep adding to the story one word at a time. It can be random things, lets make it funny!

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5 months ago


A new group has been created by me and Jay, and we need YOU to come participate in the contest! In this group, contests for the best score will be held. Winners of the contests will receive: likes on your score, a follow by both me and John, and an announcement of your score and username for a first place shout out!! So come join today!! Can't wait to see what you've got. Contests have already started, but the next competition will be held at the end of Feb. early March. Jay and I are so excited to see you there!
Kindest Regards, -John :D

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12 days ago

About Yourself

So, I think it is pretty cool that all of us in this group are homeschoolers!! We homeschoolers are considered the 'weird ones' in our society...At least where I live! ;) So, tell me about yourself and I'll tell you about me. :)

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2 years ago

I just hit 300 followers!!!!

So, I just hit the big 300 mark! What should I do? I Was thinking of revamping/ finishing the old old old Phantom of the opera string quartet I had done a million years ago Lol So If you have a suggestion of a piece I should arrange, or an interesting idea for an original, Then feel free to share! Thanks!!!

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a year ago

Zelda Resource Pack

Hey, I am looking for remixes of Minecraft and Zelda. I would like to have songs from Minecraft be MIXED WITH zelda, so that in one song you can recognize "That's Minecraft!" and "That's Zelda". If you want to try, please do, and then tell me here with a link in the comments!
Here is the resource pack, if you want to check it out:
Thanks for considering!
-Wolfframe Von Winchester

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New group!

I have created a new group for people who want to learn the basics of music theory. The first couple units will probably be kinda tedious, but the readings and exercises are interactive and enjoyable. The format is almost a competition, further adding to the fun. Units 1-3 are now available! Check us out!

Since the discussions are kinda out of order, check the "about this group" area for the links to get to the specific units. :)

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a year ago