Notation Issues

I write a lot of big band stuff that requires piano comping, bass improv, and solo sections. I was wondering, does anyone on here know how to get the slash marks that indicate comping/improving? Kinda like this....|////|////|......
I have no idea, so I do them manually with the symbols tab, but that extends my composition time by a month sometimes. Any help would be appreciated.

5 years ago

Chords Posture on guitar

The posture that we mean here is the placement of the position of the finger in the area of the finger board. Postures Visually can be imitated and classified harmoniously. The left hand posture on the guitar identifies harmony movements. In the context of instrument technique the effectiveness and efficiency of the introduction repertoires are related to posture flexibility.
The basic posture with the 1-3-7 tone pattern confirms the gender triad directly. The term gender refers to minor, minor, seventh dominant and half dim. Neighbor tones are also introduced, so that position analysis and harmony can interact directly.

4 months ago

Jazz sound font

I´m fairly new to composing jazz and I´d like to know if anyone can recommend a good sound font to represent the colour of the instruments, especially double bass and piano.

5 years ago

Jazz Chord Progressions - Help needed

I need some help with good and common jazz chord progressions as I can't find out what chord is playing when the genre is jazz (too difficult), also, it there a way to make a walking bass that portrays the correct chord without having too much of an interval (besides using chromatics)?

5 years ago

I'm Back!

Hey guys! I just got back from sleep away camp, and its great to be back!

5 years ago