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Hi, I am pretty new to composing (only started 2-3 years ago). I have played piano for about 7 years now and cello for 3. I made these songs and any critique, feedback, or suggestions, etc. on my scores are welcome. This would be greatly appreciated Thanks :)

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3 months ago

Critique my Composition!

Hello! I finished writing a short elegy for string quartet and I would love if I can get some feedback on it! Just to note, It's my first full composition, and I have very little knowledge of music theory so it was pretty much all composed by how it sounds (and yes the dissonance is intentional, not a mistake!) Thanks!


2 years ago

Hey people!

What happened to this group? It has come to a point to where only a few people are active. I understand jobs and school and all, but some contests wourld really make this active again!

3 years ago

Composition Contest

Alright, time for the first contest. I figured it would be nice to start out with something relatively simple and non-restrictive before more complex contests. So for this, the only rule is that you can't enter transcriptions. Your entry has to be an original composition. I'll make the winner an admin (due to the uncomfortable number of admins in the group as a result of the roles, I revoked everyone's "admin-ship" and I'll just keep track of everyone's roles another way). In addition to the winner becoming an admin, all the judges will be obliged to follow you. They don't necessarily have to provide advice if they don't want, but they should all at the least follow the winner. If there are 10 or more entries, I will award 2nd and 3rd place prizes. Now, if your role is that of composer/critic and you want to take part in this, please comment stating whether you want to judge or participate. Critics have to judge, and composers have to enter a composition, but only if you want to participate! There's no law saying you're required to take part in this competition.

3 years ago

Rating System

Since this is a group for people to provide feedback and reception and for others to receive that feedback and reception, I figure this group needs a rating system for the critics to use when critiquing pieces posted in this group. So here it is:

Needs Improvement-This is essentially a nice way of saying you don't like the composition. Make sure if you do give a piece this rating, provide some way to help people improve their composition.

Decent-A piece that doesn't have many flaws, has a good main melody, but feels like it's still missing something.

Memorable-This is essentially a four-star rating. For compositions well-written, with an easily recognizable melody, with few flaws.

Masterpiece-This one speaks for itself. A composition that is just astounding. Something perfectly crafted, with a very strong main melody, maybe a few motifs; something like the New World Symphony or Symphonie Fantastique.

Any critic that deems a composition a masterpiece needs to open a new discussion with a link to the composition, with reasons why you think the whole group should recognize the work as a masterpiece, not just one person. Then, if all the critics agree the a composition is a masterpiece, it will be recognized as a great work by this group and will be heavily publicized. You cannot deem one of your compositions a masterpiece.

Make sure if you hold the title of critic or critic/composer, go back and try to give every piece in the group a rating.

3 years ago