What Kind Of Nerd Are You?

There are many types of nerds out there. Some are media/entertainment nerds while others are academic nerds. Where are you the nerdiest? 

I personally think I am a sociology, history, grammar, or theology nerd xD

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19 days ago

Fantasy Worlds!

If you could chose a fantasy world from literature to live in, which one would it be?
Mine would be Harry Potter for the most part, but Middle-earth really appeals to me as I love Tolkiens' writing!

Just a side note, but I am in a essay writing class of like 10 people and I was the only one who had read any Tolkien before we started! Now writing an essay on light and darkness in the Silmarillion.

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25 days ago


The Nerd Music Group is proud to announce the winner of the Summer Fantasy Contest. The participants were:
        Radioactive Cheese

 But, the winner is Lizzapie with her score Quest for Treasure!!!!!!! Congrads lizzapie!!!!
Listen to the winning score here:

And thank you to all the participants!!!!!

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3 months ago

Final Vote

Sorry It's Late. Please vote for your favorite score, listed below, by commenting below with the composer and title of the score. Please only vote once and don't vote for yourself (if you partook in the contest) May the Best Score Win!!!!

Radioactive Cheese




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4 months ago

Let The Contest BEGIN!!!

The contest theme decided by vote is....... FANTASY!!!!!!!

Please upload your scores and link them in the comment section below. Scores will be judged between June 1st and June 8th by method of popular vote. 
A discussion will be posted at that time to vote for scores called "Contest Judging" 

Good Luck! May the best composer win!

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4 months ago

Contest Time!!!

We will this contest on July 1-8 you can use any style of music you wish but, it must be ORIGINAL!!!!! If you would like to participate please comment below. The judging system will be by popular vote. You can vote up to 3 times (not for yourself) by commenting in the "Judging" Discussion I will create when the contest begins.
We need to decide on the theme.
So far we have
-Underwater Kingdom
Sooooo, Please comment with your preference.

NOTICE: This message will be updated so check back to see changes

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5 months ago