The meaning of Life/What are your beliefs

Considering this is the first debate on here i thought it needed to be something interesting..... What is the meaning (point) of life? This is mainly to discuss our beliefs with each other. So in your first comment basically say what you think the meaning of life is, then connect it with your reality, morality, and values.Β 

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(btw anyone can post debates if they want)

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Harry Potter - Christian opinions especially

I saw this in the Teen Christian Musicians group recently, and although I commented on there, I held back a lot. Here I would like to hear more on specifically the Christians in this group, their opinions on the series.Β 

I also saw that there was a discussion in the Old Debate Group on witchcraft, I wanted to get more specific with Harry Potter as I see many Christians are divided on Harry Potter, but not on witchcraft itself.Β 

I also thought this group could do with some livening up.

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Discussing rules/ who wants to be a mod

title is self explanatory.Β 

There will be 3 mods:
1 conservative (me probably)
1 Liberal (TBD)
1 Independent/Non-affiliate (Teh Doctor)

I probably will take the conservative mod spot unless anyone objects.Β 

At the moment we have Teh Doctor as a mod. Not sure yet which slot he fills though i think it is the independent slot.Β 

I'm hoping to aim for about 25 members before we get an active discussion going.

Also, it would be nice to discuss rules, and how to go about trolls etc.Β 

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