If you sent me a pm and are participating in some way/shape/form, please comment below and I will confirm with you if I have written you down. Thank you for your patience! 

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2 months ago

Competition Update


The deadline is in ten days, and we already have 23 submissions from twelve different users. It would be great to get more, so please consider joining us! 

Once the deadline is here, I will send all who registered an email, and voting will begin on December 1st. There will be two matchups featured per week, excepting the last week, in which the top two pieces will be matched up against each other. All registered users will be required to vote each week, or else they will be penalized. 

If anyone would like to volunteer to judge (but not submit), I would love to have you! 

Thanks! I look forward to this competition! 

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2 months ago


Here is the basic idea of the group:

Everyone who wishes to participate will share their email address with me, and then send/share up two MuseScore uploads and their MP3s. Once received, I will compile a bracket with each matchup being judged and voted on by you, the users. 

After a given period, probably a week, the votes will be counted up, and the winner will move on to the next round. 

Each submission will be judged anonymously, so that name recognition is as limited as possible. 

At the end of the competition, one composer's composition will trump them all. 

More details to follow.  

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4 months ago

Last call for submissions!

If you are interested in this competition, please private message me with the information requested in the official contest startup discussion. I will also be reaching out to all who joined the group, to remind them to submit if they are interested in participating. 

Thanks, and have a good day! 

(I'm thinking of beginning the competition by Thanksgiving, so keep your eye out for updates.)

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3 months ago

What the plan is...

Okay, here's the plan: 

Once we get enough members (probably around 25-50), I will make an announcement that opens it up for submissions. 

Until then, please work on making your MP3s as professional as possible. I will leave links below to some great soundfonts to help you to that end. 

HQ Orchestral:

Akai Steinway:

These two soundfonts are great, and will help you a lot if you don't have sibelius or EWQL. 

Once submissions are open, I will ask you to send me your two (or one) MP3s and link to the MuseScore upload. Both are imperative. I will have all of the information, and will deal with creating the matchups. 

I will use a bracket generator to create the matchups based on the number of favorites on your MuseScore upload. This will play a minimal role in the process, but it's a way of randomly selecting the matchups. 

At the end of each week, the votes will be counted up and the winner will move on. I will never provide the matchup information, but I will provide updates at the end of the round as to who moved on.

Those who do not want to submit a piece can participate still as a judge. You will be on the reception list of the voting form. I will be participating with two submissions, but I will not be participating as a voter, since I know all of the matchups. 

I will answer any remaining questions below.

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4 months ago

Submissions are open!

Well, as we wait for more people, please start considering what piece(s) you would like to submit. If you're on top of things and are ready to submit, here are the rules for the competition: 

How to join:
1 - Private message me/email me ( with the MuseScore links for up to two of your compositions (I reserve the right to decline submissions based on ethics). 
2- Send along links to the MP3s of those submissions using Drive, DropBox, or another file-sharing source. 
3 - Provide your email address. This will be how you will receive the ballots each week. 
4 - IF you would just like to be a judge, you can do that too, just please let me know! 

Competition guidelines and procedures:
Once every piece has been submitted, I will create a bracket system, with seating based on the ratio of Favs/Views at the time of submission. The pieces with the higher Fav/View ratio will be ranked higher, and may skip the preliminary rounds depending on the number of entries. None of this will be visible to any contestant or voter, only to me. 

After the bracket is completed, I will select a matchup to be featured in a given week. The voters will have only one week to listen to both of the submissions and vote on which was better. If the voter knows who composed either or both of the listed compositions, they will be compelled to say who it was in a given box in the ballot. This will be explained later. 

At the end of the week, the votes will be counted up, and the winner will move on. Whichever submission gained the most votes moves on to the next round. In the case of a tie, the tiebreaker goes to whichever submission had less voters recognize the composer. If that scenario ends in a tie, the current Favs/View ratio will be calculated for each score, with the higher of the two ratios moving on to the next round. If the ratio is equivalent rounded to one decimal point, the TOTAL number of favorites will be compared, with the score demonstrating the LOWER number of total favorites moving on. 

If a registered competitor did not vote in any week, they will have one vote taken away from them the next time their piece shows up in a matchup. It is therefore IMPERATIVE that you vote on time. 

Composers will be notified when their pieces are knocked out of a round, but they will still be expected to participate in the voting for other pieces. Failure to do so will prevent them from being eligible for the losers bracket, in which the top four "losers" will get a chance at redemption prior to the grand championship (the top four will be decided through the Favs/view ratio). 


In addition to all of these rules, competitors are required to not talk about their ballots at any point during the tournament. Failure to comply will result in penalty. Each matchup is supposed to be as anonymous as possible, which explains all of the rules listed above. 

Best of luck to all! I hope to start receiving those submissions soon! Please try to make your MP3s as good as possible! There are no restrictions on those, and you can find the link to a terrific piano soundfont and a great orchestra soundfont in one of the discussions in this group (I think it's the one called "what the plan is," but I'm not 100% sure. Live audios are perfectly acceptable as well, if applicable. 

I received questions about arrangements, and I've decided to allow them, provided they are in the pubic domain or are about to be (nothing after about 1930).

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3 months ago


Hello everyone!

PLEASE make other users aware of this group! It would be exciting if we could get as many top-notch composers as possible to join this competition! 

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4 months ago