Ave Atque Vale ...

Feb 2, 2018

Former uploader 'John-of-Lewes' thanks all his friends and correspondents most warmly for their much-valued engagement and stimulation during the past two years; although now - after long thought and with many regrets - he has finally pressed the Delete bar and 'escaped' - at least for the present ;-). Good wishes to you all - I shall still be watching you ! - and Long Live Ragtime. Luca, il più grande compositore, le tue opere vivranno per sempre! :-) .


Nooooooooooooooooooooo! I'm going to miss your scores and music :(
@Greengiantt : Patrick, I have already collected private email addresses for a number of 'significant' people here - you might care to send me yours, via 'Contact' ;-)
@lincolnpepper : and to you, my friend!

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