Great study-value available from 'Quality' transcriptions of period scores ...

Apr 6, 2018

Dedicated and conscientious Musescorians - the sort who 'care where the notes go' ;-) - have been making more and more previously neglected Ragtime-related scores (in both 'Classic' and 'Popular' genres) accessible for all of us to hear and play. If you don't know them already, some of the best and most prolific Transcribers on here include:
James Brigham:
- and no time spent viewing any of their 'Public Domain' labours is ever wasted :-) !
Classically-minded persons sometimes disdain the typical early-C20th 'commercial' piano-arrangement style. Nevertheless, this often achieves real harmonic and melodic subtlety without making excessive demands on the performance abilities of 'amateur' players - for whom it was chiefly intended. Theory aside, there's considerable merit for all of us today in observing - essentially 'by ear' - just how successfully those old-time 'popular' arrangers maintained an underlying sense of Key, while artfully introducing ('without' perceived discord!) as many notes of the Chromatic scale as they pleased ;-) ...


Thanks for those links. Personally I have already been following 3 out of those 4 musecorers but one was new to me and is a nice discovery. These fine musescorers put their time and effort to benefit the entire community and in addition they pay for the pro account subscription to be able to share more than five scores to the world. It's a pity that the musescore company does not see how much their effort contribute to the site and the company itself and stop counting scores released to the public domain from the non-pro account maximum. 

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