A popular-harmony "Brain-Teaser" from a century-old folio ...

Feb 22, 2019

Now and again there appear "clunks" in printed scores that resist all attempts at 'simple' editorial emendation (which most often involves misplaced accidentals or single-note copying errors, undetected during original publication). Have a quick look (and listen) to the 'Intro' of this interesting example of Rag-ancestry, faithfully transcribed by our friend OEnanthic:  https://musescore.com/c9h18o2/scores/5458070 - "Jack in the Box" by Thomas S Allen. 

Does your eye (or ear) suspect that there might be something a bit 'off' in Measure 2? If you agree, then in which 'hand' [RH - Melody; or LH - Harmony] do you think the "problem" lies ;-) ... and how could you 'test' (if not actually 'prove') this ? Is there an 'easy' fix ? Have the Composer and original Editor (perhaps) already argued over this point, leaving us with an awkward compromise ... ?

All comments and conjectures gratefully received, as I genuinely can't decide this one! Thanks for your interest - and a beer for the most 'musical' solution :-) - Best, John N.