News for the week

The top story this week is that Musix Fox has been permanently banned from RSA and its subgroups. He had previously sent creepy messages to a female user. This led to him receiving a strong warning from Rebecca Y. A few days ago, another female user deleted her account due to two reasons, the most recent troll on musescore (see story below) and PMs from Musix Fox, some of which were asking her to be his girlfriend. She posted a discussion on this and deleted her account. This lead to Rebecca Y permanently banning Musix Fox from RSA and him getting subsequently permanently banned from the subgroups of RSA he was in, such as RSA arcade. mnmwert was able to get his name and relative location through his profile, enabling to find his mother, who has been notified of what Musix Fox was doing. Musix Fox has been inactive since his mother was notified.

The next story of the week is that musescore had another troll, who had an offensive name, wrote song lyrics about sexual abuse and other such subjects, and harassed users. As mentioned above, this most recent troll was one of the factors in Jessica leaving musescore. To try to annoy him Jaybird and some others spammed his dashboard, before he was banned a few hours later.

19 days ago

News about LordTroll

The top story in trolling for the last couple weeks is LordTroll. He started as a normal account, but he started making racist scores. He also included abuse in his scores, and his name was racist itself. He also made multiple accounts, probably in the hopes of not being banned. 

I saw one of his scores, and told him about his bad behavior. He then attacked me with a song, where you can find more info about in RSA*. He was then reported by mnmwert**, me, and a few others. mnmwert and Jaybird spammed his account, and kept reporting him until he was banned. He was then banned within a few hours, via the staff getting information in Improving Musescore. 

*The discussion is called: Nasty Targeting.

**I know is spelt that wrong.

15 days ago