Intro to the RSA Podcast Group

This is a group to discuss logistics and to plan out or podcast episodes. 

If you're here, congrats! You could be on an episode of our show! 

Feel free to talk and suggest ideas, but for now we have a lot of side work to do before we get up and running. Let's get going.

28 days ago

VSee platform

We are using VSee at the moment so everyone who wants to be on the podcast make an account. We have a chat room already set up and we will add you to it.

15 days ago


Like who does what- I'll probably work behind scenes- I'm terrible at public speaking.

17 days ago

Some questions...


 - What will the podcast be about (especially the first "episode"...)? Will there be some specific prompt for us to discuss?
 - Is it going to be live or are people going to pre-record stuff and send it to someone who combines everything?

20 days ago