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Dear friends..a challenge:
I am a Conductor of a School Symphonic Orchestra with choir and Concert Band with Choir...
I was wondering, if we could make a concert with some epic music, with your composers name on it...
I would like to have some peaces done by you (recorded) with credits to all composers...
Concerts will have these pieces:
Danny Elfman 2001 Suite (1 hour music) like this: ... but I need the full Suite.
This score will be voted by musician...
The winner will have 500 Euros, and all credits.
Note that: I need scores for Concert Band with Choir and Orchestra with Choir. A lot of low brass is needed.
The composer can add 1 or all the titles above (this is: he can make the arrangement for any or all the peaces) - the price of 500 Euros will be sent for the winner of the best arrangement of all.
Deadline will be April 1st 2017.
Please send the full score in Musescore format by email to: along with your email name and Bank Account with IBAN on it.
Please add your name to the score for credits.
You are allow to send video (youtube) to be played and recorded with your music if you wish.
Also, with the email, you need to send authorization to be played with my band and/or Orchestra.
P.S: Please forward this message to all composers groups.
Best of luck to all
Carlos Gonçalves

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2 years ago


Hello everyone !!
I am very happy with the number of members that our group has reached. We now have more than 60 people. Thank you for all the cooperation and for the work that each of you have put in for our group.
I noticed some beautiful songs and beautiful work done by some members. I am very proud of them and I'm very happy by their presence in our group. I hope that we will soon have 100 people. When we arrive at this number, I will organize a contest where all group members can participate to be labeled as the best arranger in this group. Feel free to invite friends to join the group to make The Soundtracks Composers one of the most popular groups on Musescore.
And if you have some remarks do not hesitate to comment.

The French Soundtrack Composer, Lewin Gahnassia.

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The Best Soundtracker 1

Now, we are enough to start working group. I thought I could hold a contest to see who is the best composer of this group. I propose four soundtracks:

1 - James Bond Theme:
2 - Mission Impossible Theme:
3 - Rocky Theme:
4 - Indiana Jones Theme:

These are very simple and easy music to transcribe. You can vote on the music you want to make it into the contest. You have until December 15 to vote on the music contest, then I will declare the competition open.

Here are the contest rules:

1- You have 3 weeks for post your score
2- After the 3 weeks, we will vote (Bohman and me, the admins) your scoress each on three criteria:

1-The similarity of the partition with real music (example: 12 out of 20)
2-technique (example: 14 of 20)
3-Your personnal touch (example 16 of 20)

The winner (one who has the best average) become admin, each participant must post a comment on his score and the winner will also offer four other songs for other competitions.

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