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6 years ago

The Trekkies

Hello my fellow sci-fi fans.
This is a fantastic group for sharing the wondrous music of science fiction. However one sci-fi fandom I feel is being left out is the fandom of Star Trek.
This is why I have created the group "The Trekkies": The music of Star Trek is just as beautiful as the soundtrack to any other film. Whether it is the triumphant theme from "The Next Generation" or the powerful barks of "The Quo'noS Warlet", the soundtrack adds another fantastic thing to this franchise.
Please do not think I hate other sci-fi! Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, Blade Runner etc are all have fantastic soundtracks to compliment themselves. But I think Star Trek is under represented on Musescore.
Thank you for your time: Chazkah

5 years ago