Jaybird is really starting to look suspicious

He jumped from 11th to 7th from yesterday to today and didn't really spam that much as far as I can see. Idk how, but I just don't trust that that's legit

Also, I was spamming in a random discussion a few days ago for fun (and he was aswell) and he posted 3 messages in the time it took me to post 1 (consistently). wtf is that. I asked him how he does that and he never responded

Oh and his personality just seems really fake to me so there's that

how paranoid am I haha

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4 days ago


i'm in the middle of making a high quality rip and it turns out siivagunner uploaded one that is basically the same thing.

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2 months ago

making fun of dumb people xd

there's this kid in my school with puberphonia and he's a pedophile (and also egotistical somehow?) and he claims that he "unfortunately received dick pics" from one of my least favorite people (a sexual predator in my high school that i dealt with last year but that's a different story) and he claims that he's 100% straight lol

also he always says and does weird gay shit around me

i hate that these people exist

what about all of you, how's life going lmao

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2 months ago