Writing/Submitting Songs of the Void (Read before composing!)

There are two types of songs you can make: A Song of the Void, or a Myth of the Void. Decide beforehand what you want to create, and then try writing the song about it =) That makes it a lot more authentic.


        You can create one of the following with any one song:
        -Void Creature (lets avoid humans. Be creative and crazy with the creatures.)
        -Landscape Feature
        -Celestial Body
        -New Realm (though lets try to give our current realms more detail before
        creating too many more new ones =)


        With Myths of the Void, the song will be themed around telling a story that involves the different
        things we have created. You can create one thing in a myth, but focus on using things that
        have already been created. These stories will help to establish connections between the awesome
        creatures and lands that we create, giving our world more depth. =)

        For instance, you can tell the story of a lonely Void hamster from Hamsterville who teamed
        up with some Void monks to explore the mysteries of The Cascades in the Barren Plains.
        Be creative!

When you post the song, put "- Song of the Void" or " - Myth of the Void" after the title to make its void-creation abilities official. Also describe some features of your creation in the song description, or put the story there. Then you can add it to the group. =D

(I'd prefer if we compose new songs, rather than just adding old ones. But if you have an old one you REALLLY want to add then you can ask.)

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4 years ago

The Room of Existence

It has come to my attention that the process of creation in the Void is not functioning properly, namely, when you compose a song for the Void, it is not in the Void world. Here, in this discussion you can post things that are not currently a part of the void that you feel should be, things you have written for the Void. They must conform to the rules of Void music as set down by Ashboy. If you have songs that you wrote for the Void, but have not been added, you may post them to this discussion. Happy Void-creating!

Wanted Animals/Realms
*Void Fish
*Void Dragons
*Void Holidays ???
*A special void power (kinda like the Force for Star Wars, except for the Void)

~Lady Carliss~

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3 years ago

The World of the Void

Our world so far:

                                                                 ☼ CELESTIAL BODIES ☼
        ~~║ Suns ║~~

              ⦿ Velos: the beautiful purple-blue-green sun which gives life to the Void and its inhabitants. It
                also helps give the Void universe its magical Void properties.

        ~~║ Moons ║~~

              ⦿ Eira: surrounded by a small deposit of twinkling stars, Eira casts a silvery-yellow glow over the
                world of the Void.

              ⦿ Vitro: a moon made of glass that emanates an eerie blue glow. It's history is unknown, for
                no creature has ever returned from venturing there.

        ~~║ Others ║~~

              ⦿ Phyran's Strati: luminous, colorful clouds that sometimes appear in the sky. They have
                the appearance of a veil.

                                                                            ☼ REALMS ☼

                        --------------------------------The Barren Plains--------------------------------

        ~~║ Creatures ║~~  
              ⦿ Void Owls: mysterious creatures with huge eyes and 10 talons. They don't say much, but are
                always thinking quirky thoughts and staring at the moons.
                                                                           < (|\\//|) >
                                                                              ,,;,,   ,,;,,

        ~~║ Terrain Features ║~~

              ⦿ The Cascades: A towering mountain spikes up from the middle of the plains. Thunderous
                waterfalls form a broken curtain around the mountain, water with magical void properties
                cascading towards the base.
              ⦿ Eternal Rainstorm: The torrent of rain on top of the Cascades. It's responsible for the never-
                ending waterfalls, but the source of the water's magical properties is unknown.

              ⦿ Remains of Truculentus: A large, gloomy hill with sparse vegetation. It has a magical,
                ancient aura around it, suggesting the hill's important history.

        ~~║ Structures ║~~


        ~~║ Creatures ║~~


        ~~║ Terrain Features ║~~


        ~~║ Structures ║~~

              ⦿ Rainbow Bakery: A magical place where Voidonuts, Void waffles and other pastries are
                magically produced. As long as no evil is present, Void magic causes them to change color.

                        --------------------------------The Foggy Forest--------------------------------
        ~~║ Creatures ║~~

              ⦿ Old Void Toads: fat lazy lumps who chomp on void flies all day. It's impossible to make them
                angry. They're pretty chill.

              ⦿ Void Lillies: large carnivorous toad-eating lily pads. Somewhat terrifying. Mainly to the toads.

              ⦿ Monks of the Hidden Flame: serene, cassock wearing masters of the magical art of Void-Fu.
                As Eira sinks below the horizon and Velos rises, they perform sacred rites of dawn, using Void-Fu
               to ignite their fists with brilliant energy while moving in entrancing dances. They inhabit the
                Extremely Random Bamboo Forest (ERBF).

              ⦿ Void Minis: part dog, part bear, and part hamster, the Minis are an allied race to the Void
                hamsters. They steal the beans that grow on the Void Lillies while trying not to be eaten.

              ⦿ Void Bats & Void Mosquitoes:

              ⦿ Forest Fairies:

              ⦿ Tarx Tribe - A happy tribe who loves to sing and dance around huge bonfires at night.
                They provide a comforting atmosphere for the otherwise spooky night-time forest.

        ~~║Terrain Features║~~

              ⦿ Extremely Random Bamboo Forest: filled with multicolored rainbow bamboo of all different
                sizes and shapes. There doesn't seem to be any natural order in the place.

        ~~║Structures ║~~


                        --------------------------------Celestial Tundra--------------------------------
        ~~║Creatures ║~~

              ⦿ Slothen Mutts: These horrifying creatures make their home in the deepest recesses
                of the Ice Caves. Not many explorers have the will to find out more about them, as not
                none have ever come out from their domain.

              ⦿ The Poacher: This mysterious being is often associated with the Slothen Mutts, as he lives with                 them in the Ice Caves. We believe he is the cause of fishy hamster disappearances during the night.

              ⦿ Phasma Albatrum: Wispy, ghost-like creatures that lull other creatures' minds into their grasps
                and inflict them with nightmares.

              ⦿ Sidereum Stellis: Creatures formed of fallen stars, they can take the shape of horse or storm. You               don't want to run across one of these testy creatures.

        ~~║Terrain Features ║~~

              ⦿ Ice Caves: Sparkling, majestic caverns of ice. You could easily get lost exploring
                them. Strange creatures lurk within.

        ~~║Structures ║~~

              ⦿Forgotten Ruins: A beautiful fallen city's ruins deep within the Celestial Tundra,
                discovered by a lone traveling void hamster.

                        -----------------------------------Meadow of Gales---------------------------------
        ~~║ Creatures ║~~
              ⦿Probi and Lienosus: 2 hamster void travelers which embody responsibility and rambunctiousness.

              ⦿Squeenies: Creatures similar to squirrels. They live in herds of 12 members and they live in trees. Squeenies love playing with the little fruits of the magic trees and singing at the rhythm of the dancing wind. They change their color to match every season.

              ⦿ Void Bees:
        ~~║ Terrain Features ║~~


        ~~║ Structures ║~~

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4 years ago

The isle which is known as Mystique

So, I have recently posted a Song of the Void titled "Mystique." As I said in the desc, I was wondering whether it is a celestial body or landform, as it is rather small but still independent. It is off floating somewhere away from everywhere else, so it is not tethered to any realm. I wonder if there are any deities controlling Mystique, or maybe it is the source of their everlasting life (if there are any deities .-.) I will soon be posting an avatar for myself as a hermit living on Mystique, and am wondering whether a.) anybody might have heard legends of Mystique, and b.) if anyone will find it through roleplay and song. There are stories and a lore behind the Void, but I haven't found any avatars, races, or creatures who have roleplayed much. This may be because not everyone wants to write a song for just a part of a journey, but it might be a cool idea, nonetheless.

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3 years ago

Void Avatars

Hey everyone! I was thinking that the creators of the Void should be able to create their own personal 'avatar' - the person or creature they are in the Void. Through this avatar, each one of us can be more involved with and explore the world.

To create your avatar, you'll need to write a song, just like everything else. The rules for making your Void Avatar are as follows:
1. You need to have previously created something in the Void.
2. If your avatar is a Void creature, it needs to be a creature that has already been created.
3. Give your avatar a name and describe any unique qualities it has.
4. Describe your avatar's role in creating and exploring the Void.
5. Put " - Void Avatar" after the title, like we do with " - Song of the Void".

What do you think?

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3 years ago

Needing upload help

Hi guys, Q*be here.
Okay, this is the fact: I've got a standard account, and I need a blank space to upload other things. I'm going to create a Song of the Void, and I need someone who'll upload my Song downloading it and then re-uploading on his account. Is there anyone who can do this? :)
Thank you!

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3 years ago

Achievements of the Void

Yesterday I had (in my opinion) a great idea:

We could do a list full of achievements that the world of the Void has obtained or could obtain in the future, just to situate how many things does the Void have already and how many things are still needed to do. As the time we complete some achievements we'll add more till the Void becomes a great World!
I have already prepared some achievements. Let me know what do you think about this, if you think it is a good idea or not.

This could be an example of the list of achievements, divided into different groups:


- Create water* (X)
- Create air* (?)
- Create fire* (?)
- Create sand* (X)
- Create snow/ice* (X)
- Create dirt (X)
- Create a material not existing on Earth*
- Create 2 materials not existing on Earth*
- Create 3 materials not existing on Earth*

- Create a Realm/Region (X)
- Create 5 Realms/Regions (X)
- Create 10 Realms/Regions

- Create a natural disaster (X)
- Create 3 different natural disasters


- Create a specie (X)
- Create 5 species (X)
- Create 10 species (X)
- Create 20 species
- Create 30 species

- Create a specie (X)
- Create 5 species
- Create 10 species

- Create a civilization (X)
- Create 2 civilizations
- Create 3 civilizations

- Create a virus*


- Create a sun (X)
- Create a moon (X)
- Create 2 moons (X)
- Create stars (?)

- Discover an energy source*
- Make an important cientific research*


- Create a language*
- Create the first writing in that language*

- Make a very important political/economical/social revolution*
- Make 2 important political/economical/social revolutions*
- Make 3 important political/economical/social revolutions*
*not necessary to make them a song

(X) complete (?) not sure if completed

If you have any other idea for an Achievement, just write a comment and I would add the achievement ;))

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4 years ago

Score & story advice

I'm just working on a sheet-music for the Void. i just have done the beginning
Here are the files (audio with a better sound and original sheet-music) : http://demo.ovh.eu/fr/7ec55d346890ce0c17418ab0aa4c33d9/
This music is entitled "The Son of the Uncrowned King". This is a very old tale that bards narrate sometimes, near the fireplace, in the human and elfic villages.
"Once upon a time a Uncrowned King, expelled from his Kingdom because of the dignitaries' rapacity. Expatriated, he sheltered in a neighbouring country. He had a son, who wanted to explore the world.
Heartbroken, the Uncrowned King let his son go. The son sailed the Crystal Sea and reached an island. He rested on this island with his comrades, looking for food. He found a source, with limpid water. He started to drink, but died. Actually, this spring had been cursed by a sorcerer, expatriated by the Uncrowned King. The prince's fellows brought back the corpse, and buried it with the Uncrowned King. Some people say that the prince will resurrect the Last Day."
What do you think of the story/sheet-music ? Please give a feedback.

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4 years ago

Void Ideas?

So, here are two ideas I had…

1. Every realm has to have some sort of creation story, right? So here's what I came up with: Make a piece describing the nothingness of the Void, and then use some big crescendo or something dramatic and BOOM write a HUGE theme for the entire Void realm. After a certain due date, we'll vote for a piece to represent the Creation/Theme of the Void.

2. After a year of Void composing, we can all collab to mix together our parts and create a huge Void Suite to post (with transitions between themes).

Whaddya think?

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4 years ago