Advice Needed!

Hi all!

So I'm finishing up on a suite, and the last movement is going to be a big triumphant march-like section with a trumpet solo and all that jazz. However, I AM UTTERLY DEBATING WHAT KEY TO PUT IT IN!!! Here are the candidates:

1. B major: Stravinsky used in in his last movement of "L'Oiseau de Feu" and it is super epic (I actually performed it last weekend!)
2. F# major: Close enough the B major; equally epic
3. C major: Happy, fun, and who doesn't love "Do-re-mi"?

Secondary Candidates

4. Eb Major: Mussorsky uses at the end of his "Pictures at an Exhibition" suite and is amazingly epic
5. Bb Major: All around good, and used in many epic pieces like Jurassic Park

Any advice? Or maybe I should put it in some mode? Or augmented? Minor? Whole-tone? Thanks in advance!

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4 years ago