TWMC #1 - RESULTS! (To be updated soon)

Alright! Please forgive me for such late (and unfinished) results. We do not have a declared winner yet, but so far Kenobingondolin2019 is in the lead! Please stay updated on the results by checking the community page and let me know if any competitors are left out on the list below.
Thank you all so much for your patience.

Jackie Carson -

IamAm -

KingChocolate - 95.3 pts.

Serena Michaels -

clarinetistdavid - 85.7 pts.

MusicRebel - 93.3 pts.

Kenobiingondolin2019 - 99.3 pts.

Robin Pannenberg - 89.7 pts.

jmoses - 95.7 pts.

sirman1234 - 92.3 pts.

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7 months ago

TWMC #2 - Batman Villains

Forgot that I was supposed to start and judge the next competition, hit my birthday, so derp and sorry:p  I know you all may be thinking that this sounds like a theme from a 5 year old.  But it's not, it's a theme from an 18 year old who grew up watching the show.  Some Batman villains are surprisingly relatable, they're just humans with tragic stories that made them what they are.  I would like the competitors to make an original song for any Batman villain of their choosing.  From the tragic story of Mr. Freeze, to the psychopathy and fun of the Joker.  Make sure that the song is completely original.  Also, unique to this competition, I need to know what era what adaptation of the villain you are using.  i will use the Judging Rubric from said discussion.  Good luck, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask. 

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8 months ago

Soundfont problems

So I have an incredible piece that I want to feature in a future contest but the problem is that  musescore won't let me upload my piece with the soundfonts. All you can hear on the parts with custom soundfonts is piano  or nothing. 
So it doesn't sound. nearly as good as it's suppossed to. Is there any way for y'all to judge a piece like that?  Is it possible for y'all to download it and judge it?

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8 months ago

~ Judging Rubric ~

Here is the judging rubric. Each of these areas in your entries will be judged from 1-5, 1-10, and 1-15 by three judges. The final score will be found by taking the average of the combined ratings.

Highest Score = 110 pts.
Lowest Score = 11 pts.

- Relevant to Contest Theme (1-15)
- 1:30-4:30 minutes long (1-10)
- Instruments in correct order (1-10) 
- Creative Title (1-5)

- Attention Grabbing (1-15)
- Depicts a story or location (1-10)
- Use of Harmony (1-10) 
- Use of Dynamics (1-10)
- Music Flows (1-10)
- Creative and Original (1-10)
- Diversity in Orchestration (1-5)

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8 months ago

TWMC #1 - The Elements

Thank you all so much for joining the competition! I believe we have enough people to start, so here goes:

Our theme of the month is 'The Elements'. You get to choose between fire, air, earth, and water and try to display the 5 senses (or one of them) through music. If you can't think of any ideas to start your composition, here are some:

- Consuming a forest, city, home, etc.
- The emotion you feel looking at it
- A soft song that would bring out the warmth
- The crackling of a fire

- Flying through the sky (maybe a bird, mythical creature, etc.)
- The breeze on top of a mountain
- Tornado or hurricane

- Different countries (use ethnic instruments and chord structures)
- The life of a person or animal
- Bring out the sweet smell of flowers, cedar trees, etc.
- Mix the sounds of animals into an ambient piece

- Bubbles
- A glorious epic piece about a waterfall
- The sound of a river or creek
- Rain
- A storm in the middle of the ocean

Please make sure your compositions are 1:30-4:00 minutes long and that they go along with the theme of this competition. Also, please include (TWMC #1) in the cover title on your score and the MuseScore upload

Since this competition is just kicking off, we're starting early. The deadline for submitting your compositions will be May 31st.  

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9 months ago


Hello and welcome to the Worldwide MuseScore Competition!

Our goal is to give composers from all over the world a chance to show off their composition skills by competing. Here are some things you'll need to know about this group:
- People of all ages and experience levels are welcome to participate.
- Please DO NOT use curse words or insulting language. If any is found in this group, the user will be banned.
- DO NOT post images or GIFs
- DO NOT post discussions unless you are an administrator and/or judge.

- Only upload scores that are to be entered into the competition.
- Mark each entry with (TWMC #_) next to the title on the front page of the score AND MuseScore upload.
- Please upload ONLY original compositions that do not contain lyrics. Arrangements or transcriptions will be removed from the group and disqualified from the competition. 

Please feel free to introduce yourself, brag about your abilities, give suggestions on how to improve the competition, ask questions, etc. in this discussion! 

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9 months ago

~ Two Judges Needed! ~


Because of the diversity of styles in our participants' compositions, I will need two volunteer judges with appreciations for all styles of music and different music preferences to help. 

Please comment below if you are interested in judging. This will be a big responsibility so you will need to be active on MuseScore and checking your e-mail often.  

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9 months ago

Next Competition Idea

So, I've been sick all week with the worst cold I've ever had, so naturally I've had a lot of time to watch Batman the Animated Series.  Batman has numerous villains in his rogue gallery, form Mr. Freeze to the wickedly hilarious Joker.  What if we had to create our own original theme for the villain of our choice?  Of course you would have to put in description why you chose the mood of the song.

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9 months ago