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So I've noticed that this group isn't active anymore. Maybe you've noticed it too. Maybe you're all bummed out. Maybe you miss taking part in the competitions. Well, you're in luck! Music Battle has been going strong for over three years now. We're just finishing our 38th monthly battle, so now is the perfect time to join! You can vote for the winner of battle 38, and then compete in battle 39! Do you have what it takes to win a Music Battle? Let's find out!

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2 years ago


I want to make a contest that includes a cash prize, however, I am not sure of what is a fair amount. Some thoughts would be helpful, as well as any suggestions for other kinds of prizes.

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3 years ago

Contest Idea

So I have this idea for a contest:

There are 3 groups of 4 people (12 people total). In each group, everybody submits one piece (must be original, no renditions or arrangements). The person in each group with the best piece moves on. At the same time, the members of the groups create a collaboration. The second place person from the group with the best collab moves on as well.

At this point, there are four people left. They each submit one more piece, and the person with the best piece wins.

Prizes: No clue.

Because I would like to participate, I will not be judging. If anyone wants to judge, let me know.

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3 years ago

musical chairs competition

interested in participating the the musical chairs competition? just add about 5-10 bars to the great composition already started and we will keep it going for as long as possible until, suddenly the music stops. and you can keep adding to it after someone else adds a few bars. forgot to mention that. guess that is important to note.
the last to add is the winner. try it at "laugh silly", it's fun.

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3 years ago

Arranger's Challenge

Okay, all you music lovers. This is a fun challenge for all of you to try. The requirements for entry are as follows:
It must be a combination of at least two songs that must at certain points have their individual themes played simultaneously.
It must have at least four pitched instruments and at least one unpitched percussion part
It must be at least one minute long
Its title must reflect in some way both songs' titles.

All entries are due on 1/2/16, and the results will be posted by 1/17/16
An example I wrote that would work for this competition can be found at:

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3 years ago

Lovecraft: The Theme

Are you a fan of any American writer H.P Lovecraft's works? Even if not, you most likely have heard of either him or perhaps the most popular of his works "Call of Cthulhu". Regardless of how you feel on his work, this contest has some good opportunity to practice.

This contest aims to make a song inspired by his works and to give the feeling of a good Lovecraft. Any genre of music is welcome and there is no minimum requirements on length or amount of instruments used. The only restriction is the due date, which all applicable contest entries are expected to be entered by. Winners will be announced a week after the due date to allow digestion of each entry in a fair manner.

There is no skill level required to enter, as such all levels of skill from amateur to professional are welcome. Also looking for one other person to help judge entries to the contest.

Due Date: 01, 05, 2016 By 11,59,59 P.M

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3 years ago

Flute Challenge

This contest is basically a flute orchestra challenge.
You must use:
Treble Flute
Soprano Flute
Sub-contra alto Flute
Alto Flute
Bass Flute
Contra-Alto Flute
Contrabass Flute
Double Contrabass Flute
Hyperbass Flute

Use all these flutes as well as 2 drum sets

Who shall enter?

Other rules include:
STARTING in 76 bpm, 4/4 time, and E major (4 sharps)

Due on December 1, 2015

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3 years ago

Christmas Contest

I know its early, but I just want to get it out there. Write a Christmas or other winter holiday themed song.

Must be...
At least 4 Min. long
Have a harpsichord, piano, or an organ part
Deadline-> Dec. 19, 2015

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3 years ago

The Contest to Become Admin!

If you wish to become and admin, here is your first chance!
The contest rules will consist of the following:
-={ You must include two of the listed instruments below! }=-
-={ Arrangements are not allowed, it must be original! }=-
-={ Your Score must contain at least 4 different instrument families}=-
**Bass Flute
**Subcontrabass Saxophone
**Tenor Sheng
THE DUE DATE IS: 11-1-2015

1st. Admin
2nd. Admin
3rd. Admin
4th. 5 points on Scoreboard
5th. 4 points on scoreboard

Have a great time composing!

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3 years ago