Lovecraft: The Theme

Nov 4, 2015

Are you a fan of any American writer H.P Lovecraft's works? Even if not, you most likely have heard of either him or perhaps the most popular of his works "Call of Cthulhu". Regardless of how you feel on his work, this contest has some good opportunity to practice.

This contest aims to make a song inspired by his works and to give the feeling of a good Lovecraft. Any genre of music is welcome and there is no minimum requirements on length or amount of instruments used. The only restriction is the due date, which all applicable contest entries are expected to be entered by. Winners will be announced a week after the due date to allow digestion of each entry in a fair manner.

There is no skill level required to enter, as such all levels of skill from amateur to professional are welcome. Also looking for one other person to help judge entries to the contest.

Due Date: 01, 05, 2016 By 11,59,59 P.M


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