Is anyone in this group active? No one competed in Challenge #9 at all.

5 years ago

Challenge no. 9 :(



* This challenge should be fun, however. The composition can be for any musical instrument. Here are the rules:

-Composition between 3 and 5 minutes;
-Two separate bars in three moments of the song (beginning, middle and end) for round-trip chromatic scale by combining staccato and grace notes;
-In the case of the composition contain minor harmony, use the Am or tone shades with clave armor containing flat/in the case of the composition contain greater harmony, use the C-tone or tones with clave armor containing sharps;
The music is slow, use simple compass/if the music is fast, use compass composed;
-At the end of the song, the last measure must end in the relative tone.

* So good luck to all and surprise me!

(Note: Open questions)

"The challenge ends on November 5th"

5 years ago

Challenge #8

In this challenge you have to:

Be based on some phenomenon of nature, can also be phenomena that occur with animals.

The play will have a minimum of 1 minute and 30 seconds time.

Can be for any instrument.

And in the course of the song, will have to do the effects or what happens in this phenomenon, such as playing a sound of Thunder with the violin.

The challenge ends on September 15.

Good luck.

5 years ago

Voting for challenge 7

Artkelp/Equinori" by ApresAlkan: [1]

"Open Box" by s♪amus: [2]

"Spring" by Second_Rachmaninov: [3] (the different sections are not at different tempos, but I won't be nitpicky)

"Patètique in Three Movements" by Prollifferatti: [4]

"Fantasy for Piano and Orchestra" by José Victor: [5] and [6] (third movement is unfinished, but the piece already meets all the requirements, according to José Victor)
Voting will be finished by August 10th :)

5 years ago

Challenge #7

Create a piece of music that meets the following requirements:

1. It must consist of at least three distinguishable parts (these could be separate movements, or just different themes) with differing tempos.

2. It must be creative, and showcase a technique that is infrequently used.

3. If there are more than one instrument, half must perform a melodic segment showcasing an infrequently used technique.

4. It must be completed by July 20th, 2013.


6 years ago

Challenge #6

Your challenge is to write a song about your favorite animal.
It can be in any key but heres the catch it has to include at least 3 effects not usually played such as clapping, foot stomping, whistling, snapping, etc.
It will have to be done by May 20th.
This challenge is going to have to take a lot of creativity
Good Luck , Fitz44:)

6 years ago

Voting on Challenge #5

Please message your votes to me by next Sunday. (the 10th I think?) You can vote for 2 different pieces, but NOT yourself. Good luck competitors! Here are the pieces:

-Os Anéis de Saturno ( by Prollifferati,
Neptune, Musical Moment ( by José Victor.
-Diamond Storm Finished :) ( by fitz44.
-Fantasia for Alpha Centauri Bb ( by Emanyo Termopolyan

6 years ago

Challenge #5 (Finally!!!) 2/27

This challenge will be based on a planet of your choice :) I know lots of people have already done a planet-based song, so for those people, pick a new planet. The due date will be a month from now :D

6 years ago


I wonder if this group is stopped
I'm waiting for the next challenge :)

6 years ago

4th Challenge! Due 12/12/12 (I love that!)


Okay, so, for your fourth challenge I would like you to compose a piece based on the month of December (I'm getting in the festive mood, but I'm allowed!). And, if that doesn’t sound fun enough, you must include a pan flute somewhere in your piece. Your piece can be inspired by anything about December, be it how everyone is always in such a rush, or you can make it a festive piece. Go mad!!

Once done, I will give you one week to vote and the winner will be announced as an early Christmas/Yule/whatever present. Really it will be Yule as that came first and the Church then renamed it Christmas and stole it, but hey, whatever floats your boat *shrugs*.


6 years ago

3nd Challenge! Due 7/11/12

This challenge is very easy

Participants will have to make a play based and a folkloric theme of your country

The piece will have to have at least three variations on its main theme
Can be for any instrument

Good luck!

6 years ago

Voting for Challenge 2

OK, message me your votes for the pieces, not including mine. Three votes per person, STV--I'll deal with that. Three votes, favourite first.

Aquinn2's 2nd Challenge #2:
Victor's Brincadiera:
Prollifferati's Prelùdio:
Second Rachmaninov's Étude:
Chronondecay's Light:

High standard of entry, as usual.

6 years ago

2nd Challenge! Due 29/9/12

Each piece must be playable, but may be for any instrumentation. It must pass through:

A key with three or fewer sharps or flats
A key with four or more sharps
A key with four or more flats.

The piece must be playful. THE MAIN RESTRICTION is that each piece must be at most 0:45 seconds and at least 0:20.

For an example piece (without modulations), see by Alkan.

6 years ago

Voting for Challenge #1

Here are the pieces:
-Reflexions, ApresAlkan
-An Mhuir, Bonk001
-The Cruise Line Suite, Joshua A. I.
-Asilomar, Second_Rachmaninov
-Sunset Boat, Nimueh
Instead of posting your vote right here, please message me your vote :) The voting will last until everyone has gotten a chance to vote. You get two votes for two different people, and you cannot vote for yourself. The First place winner will become an Admin, and the Second place winner will choose the next challenge. Good luck!

6 years ago

1st Challenge! Due 8/15/12

Welcome! This is the very first challenge of the group!
Okay, the challenge is to create a score to accompany this pic:
You can use any combination of instruments you want, BUT - At least part of it has to be in 5/4 time! If you are planning on participating in this challenge, please comment and tell me. When your piece is finished, post it in the group and comment below that you have entered it, and then tell me the pieces title so I know what I'm looking for. Also, the challenges will be getting harder and harder as we go on, so if this is a piece of cake for you - don't worry, there will be harder challenges :)
The winner of this contest will become an admin!

6 years ago