Intro and Chapter 1

Here is Chapter 1, for those who are interested. Names and places are fictional.
Time’s Twist

It had been 12 years since that terrible night. I still was a little uncertain what happened since I was only three years old. I just remember the smoke, and how hot it was in that house. Nobody really knows what happened that night. Nobody knows how the fire started burning. Everyone believes that my entire family died that night, but their bodies were never found. Since then, I have been living with my Uncle Michael and Aunt Lizzie. I never thought that answers about the fire and my family would ever be solved, but little did I know, I was about to figure out the whole story.

Chapter 1:
I looked at my uncle in amazement. I always knew my Uncle Michael was mysterious and a little odd, but I never would have guessed that my uncle was a secret scientist. Today, he had just told me the whole story. He had just finished, after 21 years of blood, sweat, and tears, making a time machine! It’s not every day you hear news like that. My Uncle Michael told me that since it was my birthday, I could choose the first time period to travel to. BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER!!!!! What should I choose? I couldn’t even decide to go travel to the future or the past! After some thought, I decided to go to the future. “Great! Follow me,” Uncle Michael responded.
I followed my uncle down a dark hallway. At the end of the hall was a door. I was told again and again by Uncle Michael and Aunt Lizzie never to open that door no matter how many strange sounds I heard coming from in there. Now I understood why I was not allowed in that room, it was Uncle Michael’s inventing room. We arrived at the end of the hallway now. My uncle slowly twisted the doorknob. The door opened. A whole new world was opened when the door was opened. A world filled with science. There were black boards on all the walls filled with long and hard algebra and geometry problems, and there were long wires running across the floor. All of those wires seemed to be connected to a huge mirror. “What’s with the mirror, and where is the time machine?” I asked.
“What’s with the mirror? What’s with the mirror?!!??!!” my uncle repeated, sounding very mad and frustrated with me. “The mirror is the time machine, Graham!” he said, flinging his arms out at the mirror.
“Ohhhh!” I said, feeling kind of dumb. “How does it work?” I asked trying to change the subject.
“It’s very simple, really. All I did was programmed the mirror to know everything that happened every single day that the universe has been in existence. I guessed upon the future. I know I can’t be totally wrong, right. Next I . . .”
“How in the world did you do that?”
“It’s too complex for you to understand. Anyway as I was saying, the next step was to create a remote that can control the temperature in this room. After I did that . . .”
“Why did you need to do that?”

Chapter 3

Wow. I am just so amazed by all this music! It's so great! When I started this group, I had no idea I would get such great feedback. This music makes it feel cinematic. Thank you all so much! Here is chapter 3, again I must put it in comments because there is a word limit in discussions.

Mission: Main Theme

Alright, so for those of you who wish to participate, my thoughts are for something something that starts out sounding sort of happy and adventure-y, but then gets more serious and dramatic. I would like a melody that could be woven into later parts of the soundtrack, a melody that would be symbolic of The Time Continuum. You know how the main theme of zelda, kirby, or other titles sometimes appears in soundtrack for certain levels or bosses or scenes, besides the first part? That's kinda what I am hoping for. But I am not too picky. I hope to see some really awesome scores soon. Thanks to anyone who is reading and will compose a main theme for me!

1st score!

Well, thanks to Celthyan I have a great main theme. His is the first so far, but I think it is just perfect. If others are submited for the main theme I WILL STILL REVIEW THEM. It has happier parts and more ominous parts, which could be used and remixed for different soundtracks further into the story, so that's where I would start if I was composing. BUT I'M NOT! So, for you who ARE composing, feel free to do whatever you want. Thanks!