Currently Working On Doctor Who Series 1&2 Complete Soundtrack!

Hey guys!

Just wanted to put it out there that I'm currently working on a piano arrangement for the complete Doctor Who Series 1&2 Soundtrack. 

See the WIP score here:

I love for you all to check it out and provide feedback to help me. And I'd also like to say that I do plan to do more of these if this one gets a lot of support. 

More details are explained in the description of the score so please go check it out.

Thank you all!

PS If you like what you see I have also done other Doctor Who arrangements (Clara's Theme and I Am The Doctor). Thanks again

2 months ago

Huge Doctor Who Medley Song Requests

Hello Fellow Whovians! I would like to know which songs should be put in my Doctor Who medley, which I am trying to make the biggest and the best Doctor Who Medley out there! It is called "I Would Do Anything, For You"

So Far it consists of:
1) Trenzalore/The Long Song/I am Information (Reprise)
2) Together or Not at All: The Song of Amy and Rory (WIP)

And the Confirmed Songs are:
3) The Doctor Forever
4) The Mad Man in a Box
5) Vale Decem
6) Clara's Theme
7) Don't
8) River of Tears
9) The Doctor's Final Journey
10) Tell Me Who You Are
11) The Wedding of River Song
12) Melody Pond

A List of The Suggested Songs:
13) Song for Four/Home
14) Abigail's Song
15) Madame de Pompadour
16) Rose Defeats the Daleks
17) Rose's Theme
18) Bad Wolf Theme
19) Am I a Good Man? (Twelve's Theme)
20) The Cybermen Theme
21) This is Gallifrey

What songs would YOU like to see? I would like this to be, what's the word, Fantastic? No, Brilliant? No, Cool. That's it! Cool! Doctor Who Medley's are cool.

3 years ago

Series 11

Lets discuss series 11!
Is it good? Or do you think its bad? What do you think of the female doctor? What about the change in tone?

4 months ago

Series 3

Hey does anyone have a piano version of just scarecrow to war from season 3? I'm putting together a medley for orchestra and can't find it anywhere

4 months ago

"Breaking the Wall" or "The Shepherd's Boy"

I see a lot of the piece Breaking the Wall, form Heaven Sent, but I'm pretty sure it's called The Shepherd's Boy.
On Spotify for example, it says The Shepherd's Boy, There isn't even a Breaking the Wall.
The YouTube clip where this music is used is called Breaking the Wall, but I'm sure the music is called The Shepherd's Boy.

Am I right?

6 months ago

Series 8

Here's the discussion board for all things series 8! Please don't post spoilers for 12 hours after a new episode airs in the UK, to make sure everyone gets a chance to see it.

Episode 1, Deep Breath, airs tomorrow! 7:30 on BBC1, 8:15 on BBC America.

4 years ago

Do you wanna make a... fandom orchestra?

The Fandom Orchestra

What do you guys think?

NOTE: The following post is older, but we are always accepting applications for musicians. If interested, please fill out this form to participate in our first project. (When applying, please press YES to the "Late Applicant" option.

I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, but it hasn’t been until recently that it has really stuck into my mind.

This idea was first came to mind when I found out about the Doctor Who Fan Orchestra (DWFO). I thought it was awesome, but I kind of wanted to do it with a live orchestra. When I found the Sherlock Fan Orchestra, it really kept me thinking; well we have two fantastic fan orchestras, but they’re both confined to specific ‘fandoms’. Also, with the DWFO, its main focus it on Murray Gold’s music and not the classics like Running Through Paris from City of Death (4th Doctor). Then, I expanded my thinking and though of my other fandoms such as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit and wondered, “Why can’t there be an orchestra for those fandoms too? They have brilliant music.”

The Fandom Orchestra will focus on a variety of themes and styles. I’m hoping to have at LEAST one piece preformed in the manner of the DWFO and SFO each year. I know, it's a big goal.

What we will need:
- Head Arranger: This person will oversee all arrangements and will have a big say in decisions. - (POSITION TAKEN) -

- Arrangers (YES! It will not be limited to one arranger! If you want to be an arranger, just send in your work and we'll take a look at it.)

- Assistant Co-Ordinators (I can’t do it alone! It would also help if we have people in different time zones to keep in contact with others. These people will also help out with large decisions.) - (CURRENTLY NOT ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS) -

- People who are interested. (Yes! Please get the word out!)

Please leave your ideas in the comments below! I would love to know your opinions and I am open for suggestions! More info to come. (Maybe)

If you wish to be an Assistant Co-Ordinator or a Head Arranger, please let me know. Note: It would help if you’re over the age of 13, and it would greatly help if you’re over the age of 18. All ages are welcome to participate in the orchestra though.

(I apologise for the large amount of text!)

I'm deciding to open up the positions of Video Editor and Audio Editor, so please let me know if you're interested! (Must be experienced with good audio/video editing software)
**UPDATE** 2015/05/15
Currently not accepting applications for Co-Ordinators.
Current member count, over 65.
**UPDATE** 2016-06-16
Accepting musicians for first project
Current number count, 95.

4 years ago

Song Request

Hey, I was wondering if anyone could write "The Master Suite" for piano and/or orchestra.

a year ago

Arranging music

Is anyone going to do an arrangement of Madame de Pompadour from Tennant's era?
I think I could try but if anything I can't figure out the chord progressions.

2 years ago


Hello Whovians. You guys are amazing and I love looking at all the sheet music that gets posted here. Outstanding effort you guys put in!

Now, this isn't actually relevant to anything in this group specifically, but actually a specific person in this group who has blocked me and has thus restricted me from contacting them.

This person is Pinkpeppermint10.

I don't know why I'm blocked, and I don't know how it happened. Did we have a conflict or something? I'm not quite sure.

Could you please reach out to this person so we can resolve whatever problem we had in the past?


Not Ton

2 years ago

Umm, hello...

Hi Everyone who has decided to read this!
I would like to know what are your favorite Doctor Who songs?
I search up for different songs from episodes all the time and find new songs that I would like to find sheet music for. Recently I have found some new songs that sound cool and was wandering if anyone has transcribed these on Musescore yet or is thinking about doing them,
turn left
the life and death of amy pond
tooth and claw
a dazzling end
fathers day
seeking the doctor
the rueful fate of donna noble

These are some of the recent songs I have found and loved.

Also any tips on transcribing music. I want to do Up The Shard since I bought it on CD, I think I figured out the beginning of it but I am not sure what instruments are exactly in it.

Bye and Thanks for Reading

4 years ago

The Harry Potter Fan Orchestra

Hi all!

I know that this discussion is kind of out of place in this group, but I thought it would be a good place due to previous conversations about fan orchestras held here. That and, like me, some of you probably like Harry Potter as well as being massive DW fans.

Everyone's heard of the Sherlock Fan Orchestra. And you'll never meet a person who doesn't know the Doctor Who Fan Orchestra. But have you ever heard of the Harry Potter Fan Orchestra?

Harry Potter is a huge phenomenon worldwide, with the 7 books and 8 films affecting kids, teens, and adults all around the globe. In the year 2008, there was a small hint of the beginning of a HP Fan Orchestra, but that small hint was soon extinguished when the group failed to launch.

Now, 8 years later, I plan to start anew. Now that the HP franchise is even larger and there is an even larger community of fans, I'm sure that this time around, the Harry Potter Fan Orchestra will be a tremendous hit!

If you are interested in joining the orchestra as a producer, director, arranger, or musician, please read the below job descriptions before proceeding to fill out the form.

The job of the producers is to advertise the Fan Orchestra in any means possible, whether it's over social media or other sites on which you are a member. You must be willing to devote a reasonable amount of time towards the projects, and help out in directing.

I, as well as being the CEO and founder of the HPFO, am the Principal Director of the orchestra. I am also looking for a team of directors who will be able to lead this group so we can create some beautiful projects. We currently have a limit of 4 director other than myself, so if you are interested, get in as soon as possible.

I shall do a reasonable chunk of the arranging of projects, especially for our first few. Ideally, there will be about 4 to 8 of us arrangers, and as a team we shall be responsible for creating the sheet music for the musicians. In order to apply for this position, you need to be familiar with and have a fair understanding of 'MuseScore', as that is the program we will be using for most of the notation. Arrangers can also help by supplying sheet music that can be used to arrange from.

Finally, the musicians. Perhaps the most important role in the orchestra, the musicians are responsible for actually performing the music. In order to become an official musician, one must meet the following requirements. First of all, they must be confident with their instrument/s. They need to be at least Grade 4 Standard in order to play. They also need to have access to good quality recording equipment (such as condenser microphones, etc.) WEBCAM OR PHONE MICROPHONES WILL NOT DO!!!. The orchestra has 100 places for permanent musicians, but will sometimes also invite casual or guest musicians as well.

If you fit the job descriptions, visit the following form in order to join the orchestra:

You can also visit our website here:

I look forward to meeting you in the Harry Potter Fan Orchestra!

2 years ago

New account

Hello. I would just like to say that I am making a new account for my non-doctor who related arrangements. My username will be EnsembleAssemble so just letting you know and please follow as I am planning to do more arranging in the future!

2 years ago

The Impossible Girl & Clara's Song (Doctor Who)

I have a pretty good piano arrangement of The Impossible Girl & Clara's Song but uploading seems to be difficult because according to MuseScore some measures are incomplete (which is rather silly as the notation is perfectly well). Anyone who would like to have the arrangement in mscz, pdf or xml format, just send me an email at

3 years ago

Martha's Theme?

I am thinking of arranging a version of Martha's theme for piano I just want to know if you think it is a good idea. Currently I am doing my grade 4 in piano (ABRSM) and am not very experienced in arranging so I thought it would be a good project to start with. What do you think?

3 years ago

Clara's exit music

I'm not a very good composer, but I know that a large chunk of you whovians are. I am in desperate need of the sheet music played behind clara's (SPOILER ALERT) death, and i was wondering if any of you were composing it or interested in composing it for a violin solo. I would be very very very grateful if someone could help me out!

Thank you in advance, and if you can't I understand


3 years ago

It's Been a While...

Not sure if any of y'all remember me or not, I've been gone for quite a while. I did a Doctor Themes medley arrangement, Doomsday, a medley of the Pond's Themes, Cassandra's Waltz, and My Angel Put the Devil in Me a few years back...all of them have been taken down for copyright infringement. Has this happened to anybody else? Am I in a lot of trouble?

3 years ago

Thank You

Hey guys,
I just wanted to give a big thanks for all of you who are listening to my scores.
Also, because I'm working to arrange the Doctor Who theme music chronologically, I've just started working on a transcription for Colin Baker's second theme, The Trial of a Time Lord version.
I've found transcribing it difficult, as Dominic Glynn's distinct but almost random inclusion of motifs and sound effects make it practically impossible for me to finish the first sections in E minor.
It is then I thought of just moving onto the Sylvester McCoy theme by Keff McCulloch in A minor.
What are your thoughts on this? Is there a sensible way to transcribe most of Glynn's wibbly-wobbly theme without making the first sections sound repetitive and lacklustre (given that the presence of the extra motifs and sound effects are what reinforce the structure)?
Not Ton

3 years ago

Whovian Creativity

A discussion to post all random Doctor Who related creativity, from scores to links to fan art to fanfic or whatever.

5 years ago