Hans Jacobi plays Reger op.63, 1-2

I found this performance of mine on an old cassette tape, recorded when I was about 20 years of age. It's a great, but not well known Prelude and Fugue for the organ by Reger (Monologe, op.63, nr.1-2).
I think it's appropriate to post this late romantic music in the tonality group. Reger balanced on the brink of tonality and atonality. Before WO I he belonged to the mainstream of the German Austrian music, next to Mahler, Strauss and Schoenberg. Now he is regarded as somewhat of a problem composer. Nevertheless, a substantial part of his organ music still belongs to the repertoire. He also composed many chamber pieces, choir music and songs that possibly could contain many gems.

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10 months ago

Anna Sutyagina plays The Scent of Rain

I like to draw your attention to Music Classics TV. I'm happy to announce that Music Classics TV made me 'Composer of the week'.

Russian-German pianist Anna Sutyagina is the driving force behind Moving Classics TV.
Anna uses modern muldimedia techniques like video, blogs and streaming, for the promotion of new piano music.

Anna released a video recording giving a beautiful poetic performance of my piano composition The Scent of Rain:

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11 months ago

Single chord perception

To those interested: last year a scientific experiment was done on the perception of musical chords. The experiment's results were recently published in an article by Imre Lahdelma and Tuomas Eerola.

Imre Lahdelma is a fellow MuseScore subscriber, and also a member of this Tonality Group. The article - Mild Dissonance Preferred Over Consonance in Single Chord Perception - can be fully accessed online:

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2 years ago