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So I've noticed that this group isn't active anymore. Maybe you've noticed it too. Maybe you're all bummed out. Maybe you miss taking part in the competitions. Well, you're in luck! Music Battle has been going strong for over three years now. We're just finishing our 38th monthly battle, so now is the perfect time to join! You can vote for the winner of battle 38, and then compete in battle 39! Do you have what it takes to win a Music Battle? Let's find out!

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2 years ago

Twisty Contest No. 10.6 (just call it 11)

So, I've noticed that this group hasn't really 'moved' much in the last -like- 17 weeks. I have now decided to awake it from it's lengthy hibernation by prodding it with a pointy stick.

I really enjoyed the concept conveyed in Contest No. 10 and 10.5, however, they seemed very unsuccessful. Hopefully people will now compete again, and hopefully there will also be more than 2 competitors this time.

Basically, I've decided to go with theme of 'Seasons'. This was kind of mentioned in the previous contests, but not in the same way. Each competitor will compose a piece based around any one of the seasons, but ONLY ONE.

1. The piece must be at least 2 minutes long, yet cannot run for more than 5.
2. The deadline is the 31st of May. So you have a LONG TIME TO DO IT!!!
3. Voting will take place somewhere from the 1st of June to the 1st of July.
4. The piece must consist of at least 4 instruments, yet cannot have more than 24.
5. The piece must be named after the season you choose.
6. The piece must obey the twist (see below)

The twist for this contest is that you don't get to choose
a) the time signature
b) the key signature.

Instead, you must use the ones specified, depending on the season you choose.

SPRING~ Your time signature is to be 3/4. Your key signature is to be D Major (2 sharps)
SUMMER~ Your time signature is to be 2/4. Your key signature is to be G Major (1 sharp)
AUTUMN~ Your time signature is to be 12/8. Your key signature is to be E minor (1 sharp)
WINTER~ Your time signature is to be 9/8. Your key signature is to be A minor (0 sharps)

Hope all goes well.

Anyone interested in more competitions can also visit my own competition at


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2 years ago

Twisty Contest #11

I declare this contest will have no theme! Compose however you want, but the twist is that you can only use one stave total. If you use a piano then it must be for one hand.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started!

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3 years ago

Twisty Contest # 10.5


Summer vs Winter vs Spring vs Autumn (also any combination of the four will be permitted...)


It must be a minimum of 2 movements with no grand pauses or any similar things in the piece (essentially, it must be continuous). Basically, you will have to come up with more inventive transitions than a fade-out and a grand pause.

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3 years ago

Twisty Contest #10

Welcome to the tenth Twisty Contest. I'm tired so I'm keeping the discussion short.


Summer vs Winter vs Spring vs Autumn (peaceful is also an option...)


Each instrument can only play the key-note once. (so in the key of Bb, each instrument can only play a Bb once) It does not carry through key changes. (so if the tuba has already played a Bb, but you change the key to F, the tuba can still play one F)

Ok? I'm going back to bed.

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3 years ago

Voting for Twisty Contest #9

Time to vote. ShadowFlame and I won't vote, for obvious reasons. I'd also like to mention that in the time it took me to write and upload my piece, I got three more goats, so there's a little discrepancy... Anyway, here's this month's entries.

Team Birds - ShadowFlame
The Falconer -

Team Farm - L7da
A Day on the Farm -

Anyway, let the voting commence!

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3 years ago

Twisty Contest #9

Do you have a pet? Cool. It doesn't matter if you do or don't, here's the contest.

Basically, pick your favorite pet. To keep things simple, however, you must still choose from this list.


For example, if you're a cat person, write a song for cats. If you prefer fish, write a song for fish. Simple enough? (And before you ask, that annoying snake in your yard or mouse under your house doesn't count. Unless you're strange enough to feed it and take care of it...)

To keep with the theme of pets, everyone gets to use one instrument. Then, for each pet you have, add one instrument. So if you have a parakeet and two dogs, you can use four instruments at the most. This way people without pets can still participate, get it? And an instrument can use up to three staves, leaving room for organ. And finally, you don't have to write for the pet you have. If you have three turtles, you could still write a piece for the avian team.

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3 years ago

Voting for Twisty Contest #8

Well how about that. It's time for voting. Here we go!


Bummucus - Полюшко Поле


Shadow Flame - Dragon Lane

Shahvardaan - Fantasy in D Minor

L7da - Trudge Through the Woods

Aquinn - Legend of Zelda Suite

Good luck to all!!!

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3 years ago

Twisty Contest #8

Alrighty, The Bummucus won contest #7, and declares that the new theme will be...

*pause for dramatic effect*

Sci-Fi vs Fantasy!

I'm guessing there's also a peaceful, so there's that too...

And the twist is


*longer pause for more dramatic effect*


There must be at least one solo in the piece!

It has been decreed! Begin!

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3 years ago

Theme Ideas

Pretty self explanatory. You type up ideas, comment them below, and that's about it. If I like it enough, I'll put it up here for all to see, along with these. And remember, none of these are etched into stone, so feel free to suggest ideas for these, along with your own.

Autumn / Winter / Spring / Summer
Jungle / Plains / Forest / Arctic Tundra / Desert / Swamp / Mountains / Mushroom
Scifi / Fantasy
Book / Movie / TV Show / Videogame
Soda-Pop / Juice / Milk / Water / Energy Drink
Marching Band / Concert Band / Orchestra
Strings / Woodwinds / Brass / Percussion / Keyboard or Other

There's a list to get us started off. Again, you can suggest these be modified, you can come up with your own ideas, or both. I will most likely add whatever it is to the list, as long as it isn't somehow not-child-appropriate. This list also provides help for winners who are having a hard time coming up with ideas for the next month's contest.

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4 years ago

Voting for Twisty Contest #7

-------------------------------------------------COMPLEX ENTRIES-----------------------------------------------------


------------------------------------------------SIMPLISTIC ENTRIES----------------------------------------------------
Lol no

-------------------------------------------------PEACEFUL ENTRIES----------------------------------------------------


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3 years ago

Twisty Contest #7


Alright, now that that's over, this month's contest is COMPLEX vs MINIMALISTIC

or you can be peaceful, you know...

And for the twist, the piece must be in a MINOR KEY / MODE

Good luck

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3 years ago

Twisty Contest #6

Bummucus won the last contest, and so they picked the theme to be

Old World vs New World

In case anyone is wondering, Old World would be Europe, Asia, etc. and New World would be the Americas, along with Australia, as I've been told.

Also the twist is that in your final song, the one you will be uploading, you must have at least one original-Musescore-soundfont instrument.

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3 years ago

Twisty Contest #5

(Sorry Mollymawk, you weren't responding...)

Ok, here we are. Here's the contest:


Originals must have references to other, preferably somehow well-known songs. An original with bits and pieces from, say, Beethoven's Fifth)

Arrangements have to have new parts. (An arrangement of Beethoven's Fifth with either another melody, counter-melody, harmony, etc. or new original sections)

However, though I used Beethoven's Fifth as an example, non-original song sections must be from Musescore. This means that originals have to have sections from (an)other musescore song(s), and arrangements also have to be arrangements of other Musescore-original songs.

Voting begins the 24th, unless everyone wants to start voting sooner

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4 years ago

Twisty Contest #4.2 Voting

Okay here are the entries

Mollymawk- Fire-

ShadowFlame- Fire-

L7da- Peaceful-

Voting will last until 2/1/15, the winner will then have 2 days to choose a new theme and twist. If not it will be decided by the group (the first person to make a suggestion after the 2/3/15 deadline)

Current Standings:




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4 years ago

Twisty Contest #4.2

Okay here is the theme

Battle of the elements:

Air, Water, Fire, Earth, and Peaceful (all four)
Simple enough, write a song depicting the element of your choice. But choose wisely because the element you choose determines the instruments you are allowed to use, that is the twist.

The twist:

If you choose Air you must use only woodwind instruments, Fire can only use strings, Water is brass, and Earth is percussion/keyboard instruments (ie. the piano, harpsichord, organ). If you choose peaceful you must use at least one from each category but not to exceed 6 STAVES (keep in mind that things like the piano uses 2, the organ has 3, etc.)

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4 years ago

Twisty Contest #4




So either one color (your choice), two colors (both are your choice), or the colors of the rainbow (essentially peaceful, but with just the rainbow)

============================ TWIST ======================

No, that wasn't the twist. I'm just giving you more options with fewer teams. The challenge is that you can't have any instruments that start with the letter T, end in a consonant, or are only one syllable long. If the instrument has two words in it's name, this goes for both. (i.e. Tenor Saxophone can't just be called "Saxophone", and French Horn has only one syllable in one of the words [both, but who's counting])

Now go, write the theme songs to the electromagnetic spectrum!

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4 years ago

Twisty Contest #1

The time has come for this group's FIRST OFFICIAL CONTEST!!!

--------------------------------------------------THE TEAMS ARE------------------------------------------------------



Good is pretty self explanatory, as is Evil. However, for those that are wondering, Chaos is fairly independent, and generally is opposed to the rest, and Peace, trying to please everyone else, must include tidbits from each other category, and try to make it obvious which one is which.

---------------------------------------------------------THE TWIST------------------------------------------------------

For the first contest, the twist will be a little less complex than others, seeing as this group is not as large as it could be, eventually. Anyway, the first technical challenge will be to, in addition to your chosen theme, have
-at least two key changes (meaning it has at least three different keys)
-at least two time signature changes (meaning it has at least three different time signatures)
-at least two instruments (pianos, marimbas, organs, and such, each count as only one)
-and finally, with at least one tempo change, the final tempo must be at least 24 BPM faster than the starting tempo


Got all that? Good, I'm not repeating myself. Again, this twist, though it contains more than others, is a bit simpler, easier, and more predictable, as a technical point, than others yet to come. And to repeat the main rules, just post a link to your entry in the comments. A link to your score on this website, and a link to your soundcloud, youtube, or whatever else you may use if you use soundfonts or something of the likes. And if it is on an external website, be sure to mention your participation in the contest. And don't forget to comment below which category you are entering for and to upload it when you are good and ready. As long as it is before 11:59 PM SEPTEMBER 26, so pretty much midnight, just to prevent confusion. Voting will begin as soon as possible after, and end on the 29th, midnight, so the winner has a day to decide on a theme.

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4 years ago

Voting for Twisty Contest #3

It's the 26th, you know what that means. Voting time, as promised.



Plants, Animals, and Industrial

Animals (invalid entry)
(I'm gonna leave the link there, but it still doesn't count...)

Lucien, comment a link to your entry if you make one. I can update the post if you are entering, so... yeah.

People, stop reading and listen to those scores!

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4 years ago

Twisty Contest #3

I swear this isn't rigged, I just happened to win twice in a row. Anyway, here's November's contest.



Notice there is no peaceful. That is due to the twist. If you choose to, you can do multiple teams. Up to all four. Here's how it works.
If - You write a song for one team
Then - You must use precisely 16 instruments
If - You write for any two teams
Then - You have to use exactly 12 instruments
If - You write for three teams
Then - You use 8 instruments
If - You write for all four (peaceful)
Then - You can use four and only four instruments

I hope that makes sense. Basically, you use 16 instruments, minus four for every extra team you write for. If you still don't get it, good luck to you. Voting begins on the 26th.

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4 years ago

Voting for Tasty Twisty Contest #2

You guys know the drill:
-Comment the name of the person you are voting for
-Only vote once
-Don't vote for your own
-Listen to all of the entries before voting

Here are the three entries (seriously guys, we need more people...)



Voting ends sometime, hopefully.

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4 years ago

Twisty Contest #2

Yes folks, it is in fact time for Twisty Contest #2. And, being last month's winner, ironically enough, I get to choose the theme and twist for this contest. And so, I have chosen this:

The Tasty Contest. Not twisty, tasty. Also twisty, but whatever. Anyhow, the teams are

Sweet, Sour, Spicy, Salty, Bitter, and, Meal (all the teams, or peaceful)

And, the twist is

your set instruments will be determined by the person to enter before you. Example, ShadowFlame comments, saying She's gonna be on team, say, Sweet. She would then say a list of no less than FOUR instruments and no more than TEN instruments. If Aquinn were to enter after that, they would have to use that set of instruments given right before them for whatever team they wanna be on, provide a list, and so on. They can only use one of each given instrument unless the person says to use two, or three, etc.

The first person to enter, of course will get no instruments. At all.

Just kidding, I'm providing a list for them at the end of this post.

And the final person will have nobody to use their instruments, so that's why I will do my best to go last, as I will have already provided a list, and have stuff going on the first part of the month anyway.

The second contest begins now, will be open for entering until the 25th, when voting starts, and will end the end of the thirtieth, giving the next winner a day to think of a new theme and twist.

The first contestant's instruments are: Viola, Bassoon, Percussion/Drums (whichever), Trombone, Vibraphone, Vibraslap, Melophone, and a Harp. Go.

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4 years ago


So, everyone knows you can't have a support staff with only one admin, (myself), so people, give me your input as to why you would make a fantabulous admin. You really don't need to type for hours on end to do this, just say if you wanna be admin, why, how you can help, how cool you are, how often you can be on, your favorite breed of bird, why your favorite color is your favorite, and something funny.

(hint hint, I like a person who can weave just a bit of humor into posts, (obviously to prevent it from being boring), can/will post only useful things, and preferably has a cat.

P.S. If you can make me laugh, you're more likely to achieve status.

Update: I have made Aquinn an admin. Why, you say? For being sufficiently active, I do in fact need more admins than just myself, and, who wouldn't want Aquinn on their administrative team?

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4 years ago

Twist Ideas

If you have an idea for a twist, comment it. I'ts that simple. And, for your sake, I'll put the good ones up here. Now, for those of you who don't completely get what a twist would be, it is an added challenge to write/arrange within. It changes monthly, along with the themes and such. Make sure to keep within both the theme and the twist. This said twist may either be independent from a theme or it can coincide with a theme idea that either you or somebody else has said. You may also suggest modifications for twists already on here. Here's the list.

-You can only use one staff, as opposed to one instrument, which could have a few staves.
-Every included piece's title must start with (insert letter or standard here). Example: A vowel. A medley could use Imagine the Fire (Dark Knight Rises OST), Eye of the Tiger (Survivor) and the soundtrack to Assassin's Creed. Or an original simply titled Orange would suffice.
-Must use at least two of each instrument group, but no more than twelve instruments.
-Anything goes, as long as it sounds like it was written before 1990
-Swing it
-No more than five instruments
-No winds/brass/strings/percussion/keyboards/etc.
-No going above/below ___ on the ___ clef
-No ____clef
-____ clef only
-Must be in ___ mode
-Must be in sharps for one team, flats for another, etc.
-No quarter notes/eighth notes/etc.
-May not use the note __
-Must be faster/slower than ____
-Make an arrangement of a piece, but completely alter the original mood
-Arrange a piece that the contestant before you made

Again, you can suggest new twists, or modifications for these.

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4 years ago

I Have A Preposition

If there were to be additional contests, outside of the monthly thing, would anyone participate? Example, weekly, bi-weekly, daily, that kind of thing. Would anyone participate, or is that just a wild idea that anyone can compose a song in a week or so and that a group can have more than one running contest at the same time?

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4 years ago

Re-voting for Twisty Contest #1

So, due to confusion/controversy in the voting discussion, everyone (that can) should re-vote, and this time only for the two people that are tied. Well, sort of tied. We'll fix rules after the contest is all over, but at the moment re-voting is easier. So, either vote for ShadowFlame's entry:
L7da's (yes, my own) entry:

And because it won't matter if the both of us vote, neither shadow nor myself need to/should. Re-voting ends the thirtieth.

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4 years ago