Which TSFH's do you want ?

Hi guys,
I am currently doing some arrangments (for piano solo) for Two Step From Hell songs. And because I don't know which one to do after Victory, I'd like to know if there's some you'd want.


a year ago

I modified Blackheart which Thomas Bergensen (from Two Steps From Hell) composed and Celthyan arranged

Dear members of Two Steps from Hell, please come to listen my modified version of Blackheart which Thomas Bergensen (from Two Steps From Hell) composed and Celthyan arranged. All kinds of feedback are welcome. Thank you!
(I already bore this URL in my mind XD, and yes, Celthyan's original version was also linked in the description of my version)

10 months ago


Hey, tell me what do You think about my score for "Enchantress" :)

2 years ago

Enchantress Score

If anybody still use to look up here to this group: I made score for Enchantress, tell me what do You think :)

2 years ago

Archangel completed, but...

Hey there! I finished a full score of Archangel, but two measures, number 46 and 47, are not completely correct. The problem is the fast part of either a guitar or a violin, I'm not sure about. And the notes are not quite right at the moment. Is there anybody, who can help me improve this?
Thanks in advance! :)

3 years ago

What do you think about Battlecry?

Hey guys! What do you think about their new album Battlecry? For me it's very good, but they had better albums. My favourites songs from album are: Freedom Ship, Battleborne, Star Sky, Cannon in D minor and Flight of the Silverbird. and yours?

P.S I'm making now score for the one song from this album. I have the beginning. I will upload it in a while.

3 years ago

Making the score

Hello everyone, I'm new here. I'm making now complete score for the song ,,Colin Frake". Problem is that I'm an amator, music is my passion, but I've never been in music school. Is anyone willing to improve my score(because there are mistakes for sure) when I upolad this?

3 years ago

A Cool TSFH Album

So yah, if you go to SoundCloud or YouTube and look up "Open Conspiracy", you'll be able to find a coil new epic/hybrid album TSFH released a few months ago. It's really cool!

Um yah. Let's revive this group maybe XD

4 years ago

Summer Project

Hello fellow Two Steps From Hell fans,
School is almost over and I'd rather not be bored all summer. So below request any song two steps from hell or not and I will post my rendition as progress is made.
Isaac (qwertyisodd)

4 years ago

Unreleased Tracks

Hi, I'm new here... and I couldn't help but notice that none of the deleted tracks from the Skyworld album were included... and.. since my favorite song (The Colonel) is one of them, I think we should arrange some of those. I'm working on it right now... any support is appreciated. Thanks

5 years ago

The Strength of a Thousand Men

I'm thinking about turning my small crappy ensemble piece into a full orchestra and chorus piece. since i put the piece up i've gotten much better at music composition and notation i was wondering if i should do it though?

5 years ago

Final Corridor

I don't know about you guys, but I find this song amazing!
Also found this, which I found awesome, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqeJAN2WBxI

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone here would be able to find/make some sheet-music for this song? I was hoping to be able to get an extended version of the opening for a project (An animated video, may not happen) I was going to make.

5 years ago

Better Picture?!

In the moment the picture of the Group is the albung "Legend"
Any Ideas for a better or a more creative one?

6 years ago

Next Arrangement

I'm planning to do another arrangement, but I'm having trouble deciding on a song... Any ideas?

6 years ago

Thomas J. Bergersen

I don't know why but i like the songs of Thomas more than the songs of Nick.
For example the tracklist of their albung "Invincible":

1. "Freedom Fighters" Thomas J. Bergersen
2. "Heart of Courage" Thomas J. Bergersen
3. "Master of Shadows" Nick Phoenix
4. "Moving Mountains" Thomas J. Bergersen
5. "Am I Not Human?" Nick Phoenix
6. "Enigmatic Soul" Thomas J. Bergersen
7. "Fire Nation" Nick Phoenix
8. "Black Blade" Thomas J. Bergersen
9. "Super Strength" Nick Phoenix
10. "Invincible" Thomas J. Bergersen
11. "False King" Thomas J. Bergersen, Nick Phoenix
12. "Hypnotica" Thomas J. Bergersen
13. "Fill My Heart" Nick Phoenix
14. "Protectors of the Earth" Thomas J. Bergersen
15. "Velocitron" Nick Phoenix
16. "Undying Love" Thomas J. Bergersen
17. "1000 Ships of the Underworld" Nick Phoenix
18. "Tristan" Thomas J. Bergersen
19. "Breath of Ran Gor" Nick Phoenix
20. "Infinite Legends" Nick Phoenix
21. "To Glory" Thomas J. Bergersen
22. "After the Fall" Nick Phoenix

Nearly every song I like is from Thomas and only two songs are from Nick...
What about you?

6 years ago