And the Undertale Character Awards go to....

Best Character: Mettaton EX
Character with best design: Mettaton EX
Funniest Character: Papyrus
Saddest Character to kill (In Genocide): Toriel
Character you'd most want to give up a Genocide route for: Papyrus
Worst Character: Tie between Asriel and Snowdin Shopkeeper
Character with best battle (If not a boss, character with best conversation): Undyne The Undying
Best Boss: Flowey
Best Vendor: Burgerpants
Character that should be explored more: The Amalgamates
Strangest character: Annoying Dog


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a year ago

Your Top 20 Undertale Songs!

Count Down Your Top 20 Undertale OST Songs!
Here's Mine:

20. Your Best Nightmare
19. Once Upon A Time
18. Heartache
17. Waterfall
16. His Theme
15. It’s Showtime!
14. Spider Dance
13. Hotel
12. Finale
11. SAVE The World
10. Dating Start!
9. Spear Of Justice
8. Battle Against A True Hero
7. Metal Crusher
6. Megalovania
5. It’s Raining Somewhere Else
4. Hopes And Dreams
3. Undertale
2. Death By Glamour

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a year ago

Anyone know any Easy Undertale songs?

Hi! My name is Rachel and if you are reading this I am in need of your help. I have played piano for a year now but I am self-taught. This is the reason I am coming to you guys. I need a piano song from undertale that is impressive but is easy to play. Now don't think that I can't read notes or something, I just want a impressive easier -- as to put it -- piece.

Thank You soooooooo much!

This post is awesome. It fills you with determination.......

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a year ago


 - In Randomly Screwing Around the local Super Nerd @mnmwert figured out how to post images into Discussions, after seeing this the next logical step would be GIF's

 - In my experimentation iv'e found that the same method that @mnmwert has used to upload Images can be used for GiFs as well, but to my knowledge only those from Pinterest for some reason, i do not know if it will work for any other Sites

 - But Come One, Come All, spread your Memes for the Masses of Undertale Music and spread this knowledge across the Musescore for all to Reap the Benefits of 

 - How to Guide by the Man himself ( be sure to follow him ) :

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3 months ago