Undertale Compilation

Hello there! I am making an Undertale compilation for solo clarinet, and I'd love to see who would support this project! I will be including popular scores already out there, such as Moofin's Spider Dance and Pjotter's Bonetrousle. And I will include remixes such as Tokyolovania, SharaX's Dark Carker Yet Darker, or a bit of Disbelief (Which is actually pretty fun to play), some songs like Megalo Strike back, and even new Undertale Switch songs like Mad Mew Mew and the Switch version of Tem Shop (I personally prefer the original). And, I'll put in some Underpants OSTs, like Wahtrousle (Which is a fun song; check it out), but no Mogolovonio (Which I'm a little sad about). I'm also going to be putting songs of my own arrangement that I have yet to seen on Musescore (or at least not much of) such as Hotel,  Can You Really Call This A Hotel I Didn't Receive A Mint On My Pillow Or Anything, Power of NEO, and, one of my personal favorites, Metal Crusher (Give it a chance. It's actually really fun to play.) And finally, I may take recommendations, based on if it'll sound good as a solo and if I think the melody is nice enough. I've already been asked to do Triple the Threat, which I have the melody for.

Tell me your opinions! Thanks!

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9 days ago

Guys,,, look,.....

 One Muse score did this to me, about a year ago, and I found it!

This triggered my skeleton war flash backs. we would calcium bomb fucboi citys filled with men, women, and children. it did not matter. we spooped them all. I remember I was sent in to round up some fucbois for experimentation and a child ran away. without hesitation I spooked him twice. I watched admiral crunchy thighbone try to chase them down but we lost contact with him soon after. the horrors we commit for victory. 

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15 days ago

Undertale SFX Soundfont Download (Added Voices!)

I've been working on turning undertale sound effects into a usable soundfont. This project was started to let people create cool scores in musescore, and to support musescores "open source" nature. I'm planning on using these, and to enhance the community will share them. I'd like to get your feed back on it, as well as giving you the 1st 3 to download. Eating, Voices and Battle sound effects. I plan on doing some misc.
If you do use them, I ask that you credit me simply because of the time it took for me to make these.
1. Download the desired soundfonts
2. Upload all the soundfonts to musescore's soundfont library (https://musescore.org/en/handbook/soundfont)
3. Open up the synthesizer under view
4. Add all the soundfonts to the synthesizer
5. Open up the mixer under view and change the instruments you want to make the SFX to the sounds.
6. Play the notes and input them into the staff
////Trouble Shooting/////
-Make Sure In The Mixer That The Sound Affect Is Selected
-If It Doesn't Work, Try Using The Note C3
-And If You Tried For So Long and It Dosen't Work, PM Me.
-Asgore Blade Swinging
-Asriel Blade Summon
-Asriel Laser
-Asriel Laser Blast
-Asriel Star Rain
-Asriel Star Summon
-Battle Start
-Flowey Attack
-Flowey Homing Vines
-Flowey Pause (TSSHH)
-Flowey Savable
-Gaster Blaster
-LV Increase
-Soul Hit
-Soul Hit Soft
-Soul Shatter
-Soul Shatter 2
-Soul Shooting (Yellow Soul)
-Soul Split
-Swipe/Attack 2
-Bad Memory
-Dog Residue Used
-Glamburger Used
-Hot Cat Used
-Hot Dog Used
-Alphys Talk
- Amalgamate(1-6)
-Temmie (1-5 and Bob)
-Flowey(Hi!, Demon, Gay!, Ack, Triple!, Voice, Hmm, Your Best Nightmare Laugh)
-Gaster (1- 7)
- Mettaton (1-10)
-Mettaton (Huuh!, Yeah!(unused), Yeeaah 2)
-Muffet (1 - 2)
-Shyren Hurt (1-3)
-Shyren Sing (1-9)
-Toriel Voice (Regular, Deep, Deepest)
-Undyne (Regular, Deep)

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a year ago