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Sep 10, 2016

So, this group is finally "starting". What better way to top it off with a competition?

Submit a composition, or submit an arrangement. BUT DON'T SPECIFY IF IT'S ONE OR THE OTHER. Don't put the composer's name if it's an arrangement.


The judges will judge the songs and the best-sounding song will win, assuming at first they are your own compositions. BUT, if we catch anyone arranging, you are deducted 10 out of 100 points. It's either take a huge risk or write your own song. No v's are deducted if you are caught. But taking the easy route isn't as easy as it may sound; you have only 2 weeks to get it done. The winner gets ONE THOUSAND v's, second place gets 700, and third gets 500; keep that in mind. But you'll still get 100 v's if you participate. <3

IMPORTANT: At the end of the competition, when the winner has been decided, you MUST tell if it was an arrangement or a composition, for copyright/safety reasons.

Yukkuri shiteitte ne! Good luck, and have fun!

For those of you who may not feel up to the task entering a competition, don't worry. There are other ways to win V's!

Here's how gambling will work. You can bet any amount of v's (your limit, of course, is the number of v's in your BANK (see discussion)). Simply enter:
1. The song you are betting to win.
2. The number of v's you wish to bet.
3. Post it in the comments below.

All bets placed will go into the "pot"; the v's will be evenly distributed amongst the winner(s) of the bet.

-Alplexle, on behalf of the 12ppa

Celliot P.:
Richard G. Perritt Sr:
The Modern something-or-other:
Robin M. Butler:

Celliot P.=10v | TestPilot's "Bob"
Kyesel=50v | TheDoctor98's "A Soul"


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