Monthly Challenges

So if you haven't already seen, Dragon Composer added some discussions involving our calendar and challenges to the main group, and personally, I think we could do a little better (No offense, Dragon)
Generally, I was thinking we shouldn't go on just accuracy, because some of our members might want to make a remix. Also, it might be a good idea to have a points system based on each category, going up to 10, 50, or 100 (preferably 50 or 100, as that would make it less likely for there to be a tie). Maybe the categories would be length, complexity, creativity/accuracy (Depending on whether it's a remix or not), and our personal thoughts; a total of 40, 200, or 400 points. (Note: Anything you guys think of would be appreciated, no matter how "stupid" you think it is; Someone else could build off of it!)

3 years ago

Our Calendar (Still Kind of in Development)

Currently, we have all the genres we can think of on this list, and some pretty reasonable names. If you have anything you'd like to submit, simply post a comment on this discussion. Note that everything in the rounded brackets is the genre that's going to be featured in its respective month, while everything in the "squiggly brackets" is an example of it's respective genre.
Jumpuary (Platformers) {Super Mario Bros. Series}
Febrolery (RPG) {Fallout or Final Fantasy}
Metro (Retro) {Original Super Mario Bros. Game}
Aprilture (Adventure) {Skyrim}
Pay (Non-Blocky Sandbox) {Sims}
Rune (Fantasy) {Monster Hunter}
Rely (Spinoffs) {Luigi's Mansion}
Blockgust (Blocky Sandbox) {Minecraft}
Speedtember (Speedrunners) {Sonic the Hedgehog}
Novaember (Space) {Space Engineers}
Shootcember (Shooters) {Team Fortress 2}

3 years ago


This is where we will be brainstorming event ideas, whether it be a silly joke event or a full-on elimination competition. All ideas are welcome, no matter how stupid-sounding. If you have something, put it up. Heck, I don't care if it involves dubstep mixed with orchestral pieces while changing key every two seconds, it might spark an idea from another one of us.

3 years ago

Event Idea! 30 Minute Challenge!

Probably not an event to do right now, since I'm already doing an Original Composition Competition, but here's how this event idea works:
You have to set a timer (anything can be used for this timer) to 30 minutes.
Once you have MuseScore open, start the timer and then begin making whatever kind of song you want. Can be an arrangement, composition, medley, ear-murdering-weapon, basically anything!
When the timer stops, you have to stop whatever you are doing no matter where you are in the song. Once the timer stops, you cannot do any more to the song.
Now submit to the Video Game Musics group with the title "30 Minute Challenge Entry", then post a link in the discussion.

3 years ago

Some Jobs to be Done

Here's the main reason I have this group here. I have a few jobs I need done, and I can't do them myself.

More Events - I'm not too good at coming up with events on my own. Usually I can build on ideas, but something original that isn't music-related doesn't come to me easily. That's where you guys come in. I need ideas for events, and we'll all build off of the basic ones. Pretty much brainstorming.

Song Moderation - During the Summer, I could've easily done this job myself, but being busy with school, I can't keep track of even slow times for the group (maybe 1 track every other day). I need help making sure that no songs that aren't related to this group are getting in. I'm not saying immediately take them down, but go into the comments of the non-related track and ask why they put it in the group. If you think they have a legitimate reason for putting it up, let it stay. If not, please take it down, and explain why to the composer.

Those are the two main jobs I need help with currently. I'll make a separate post about the events, and you should understand how to handle an unrelated song from what I've explained. If you have any questions, reply to this discussion or send me a message with the subject "Admin Jobs" or something similar, and include your MuseScore username in there somewhere if it isn't in your email address, so I know who's having the problem.

Thank you!

3 years ago