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Dec 1, 2017

The competition deadline is almost here!!! At 12 am CST time, I will close the submission form (Unless you made the mistake in the second paragraph). The results will be posted here January first at 12 am CST time.

I have noticed a lot of people have added their score to the group and have not filled out a submission form. I thought I made this very clear, but it only counts if you fill out an entry form. I'm giving everyone who made this mistake one extra week (which is December 7th at 12 am CST time) to fill out a submission form. This is only because many have made this mistake and I have only now noticed this. Please get this done because after December 7th, their are no exceptions.

I will have announce the top 3 places and how many points they got (out of 100), and I will have a spreadsheet with everyone's place, how many points they got, and comments. There will also be awards too, like best piano arrangement, best orchestra arrangement, etc. These will also come with the results, and will be on the spreadsheet. If you have any questions, send me an email, a message on my discord, or post a comment in the discussion.

We also do need more judges, and you can become one after the deadline. It would be a huge help, and it would make the competition better for everyone. I also plan on doing this competition again in the future, but we can't do it without more judges. If we want this competition to continue after this first one, we will need more or it won't be continued. I really want to make this a big competition, but I need your support. Our current judges are: Me, KeldeoJustified, irishdancer13, and Vinchenzo2K1N.

Sadly, I have not had enough time to complete my own arrangement, so I will not be a competitor. I don't want to extend the deadline as it is A. To close to the deadline and B. An inconvienence to all of you, especially since I have already made one extension. Anyways, I hope everyone else does well and I wish you all luck.


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