I would also like to assist!

Jul 12, 2018

Just tell me what you need me to do!


All that I've been told to do is make cool medieval music that would work well in a video game for one of the types listed in the "about this group" section (ex: title screen, battle theme, etc). btw the game is called Upward.
@Patsfan1281 Ummm... that's kind of a random comment, but ok...
I'm working on a title screen song. I really like it and I think it fits the theme, but does anyone know a good reference for medieval music?
And one of my unfinished pieces sounds like a lose battle song so I can do that as well
@sunnymario123 Sounds great! Just finish a piece that you think will work, and post it. I would love to hear what you do!                              

PS no one in this group is looking at my piece to suggest what section (ex: title, level up, etc) it could work with. Could you please look at it, suggest one, and critique my piece?
Ok umm... can I ask you the favor of saving the music ! should upload today? I'm kinda outta room :P
@sunnymario123 how would I save the music? Do you want to send it to me and have me post it?
@clarinetistdavid Yes that'll work. How do I send it to you?
@sunnymario123 Well I know you can mail someone by clicking the button that looks like an envelope around the top right corner of that person's profile picture. Maybe you could email the file of it to me, then I can post it.
@sunnymario123 If you have sent it, sorry I'm taking so long. Only my dad knows the password to my musescore email and he isn't around right now :(

Here's a song I made a while ago for a medieval battle type thing.... instruments could be changed to better suit the theme you're looking for of course, let me know if it's something that could work for you :). It would most likely be a lose battle because it's gets sad towards the end although the beginning is a bit hopeful 
@clarinetistdavid I haven't sent it yet, sorry! My internet has been out for a few days and it was even a struggle to send you the question in the first place. Hopefully, if my internet holds out, I'll be able to send it to you today.

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