Mario's timeline solved!

Unlike The Legend of Zelda, Mario’s timeline is actually proveable, and Makes sense. But before I begin, let me clarify something. I will NOT be including any side games Mario is in (I.e. Smash bros, Mario party, Mario Kart, Mario Tennis, Fortune street, etc.), as I do not believe these games are canon to the series. I will also not be including Mario 64 DS, As it is just a re-telling of the original game with new features. Anyway, let’s-a-go!

1: Yoshi’s Island.
The story begins with Mario and Luigi as babies being delivered to his parents. However, the stork is attacked by Kamek and The brothers are seperated. Baby Mario ends up meeting the Yoshi for the first time, and they help return him to Baby Luigi, and get to their parents successfully.

2: Yoshi’s new island.
The stork discovers that Baby Mario and Baby Luigi were delivered to the wrong people. So he attempts to bring them to the real parents, but is once again attacked by Kamek. Yoshi once again helps Baby Mario and Baby Luigi to defeat Kamek, and get to their actual parents.

3: Donkey Kong.
Years later, Mario grows up to be a carpenter in brooklyn, with a girlfriend named Pauline. One day, the ape Donkey Kong breaks out of his zoo cage and rampages around town. He kidnaps Pauline and climbs to the top of some gurdurs. Mario, panicked, decides to do the right thing. He saves Pauline from the giant ape, and the 2 re-unite.

4: Donkey kong Jr.
After defeating Donkey Kong, Mario decides to send him back to the zoo where he escaped.
But Donkey Kong’s grandson, Donkey Kong Jr, wasn’t having any of that! Donkey Kong Jr risked his life to rescue his Grandpa. He successfully does so, and the 2 escape to the wild, where they grow up into Cranky Kong, and the modern day Donkey Kong.

5: Mario Bros.
After letting Donkey Kong and his grandson get away, Mario is fired from his job. He takes on a new job as a plumber with his younger brother Luigi. They end up coming across turtles while doing their job. But little did they know, these turtles had a secret.

6: Super Mario Bros.
One day, while Plumbing, Mario and Luigi go down the wrong pipe, and end up in the mystical world of The Mushroom Kingdom. Once there, they get word that the evil King of The Koopa Kingdom, Bowser, has kidnapped The kingdom’s princess, Peach toadstool. Why? I’ll explain. Bowser originally had a wife, and 8 children. But his wife disappeared, or was even murdered, meaning Bowser could not properly be the king of his kingdom. So he sets out to find a new bride with his army of Koopa troopas, Goombas, Cheep cheeps, Shy guys, and many more. After Peach refuses to marry Bowser, he turns the people of The Mushroom Kingdom into stone, then uses them to build his castle walls across the kingdom. He then kidnaps peach, holding her hostage until she agrees to marry him. Mario and Luigi work together to rescue the princess for the first time. She then uses her magic to turn the mushroom people back to normal.

7: Super Mario Bros 3.
Mario and Luigi move into The Mushroom Kingdom, where they agree to help the princess if she ever needed them. Princess peach informs Mario and Luigi that Bowser has sent Larry, Lemmy, Iggy, Morton, Roy, Ludwig and Wendy to attack The Mushroom World, as revenge against Mario. Mario goes throughout The Mushroom World, rescuing the kings that Bowser’s kids have attacked. Meanwhile, Bowser kidnaps Peach once again, but Mario rescues her.

8: Super Mario World.
Mario, Luigi and Peach go to an island known as Dinosaur land, only for Bowser and the Koopalings to invade once again. Peach is Kidnapped, and Mario and Luigi go to save her again, with the help of an old friend, Yoshi. They all fight the Koopalings and the King of Koopas, and rescue the Princess once again, and while Peach Mario and Yoshi decide to relocate their vacation, Luigi goes back to The Mushroom Kingdom.

9: Super Mario Sunshine.
When Mario, Peach and Toadsworth visit Isle Delfino, they discover that Mario has been framed for ruining the island. Mario uses a F.L.U.D.D pack to clean the island, then discovers the imposter to be Bowser’s 8th child, Bower Jr. He says Peach is his mother, according to Bowser. This is not true however. Mario rescues Peach from the Koopa family, then is permanently banned from Isle Delfino.

10: Super Mario RPG.
Mario must once again rescue Peach from Bowser, but he insteads ends up in a new world. The 3 of them realize they must team up, alongside new friends Mallow and Geno. They band together to stop the Smithy Gang, and gather the 7 star pieces of the star road. They succeed in defeating the leader of the gang, Smithy, and return to their homes.

11: Super Mario Land.
Mario, tired of Bowser, takes a vacation to Sarasaland. Whence there, he hears that Princess Daisy has been kidnapped. He goes through Sarasaland to rescue Daisy from the evil creatures that kidnapped her. He rescues her, meeting her for the first time. He return Daisy to her home, and in return, she rewards him with his very own castle.

12: Super Mario Land 2.
Mario spends his vacation in his castle, but it’s soon invaded by his evil doppelganger, Wario.
Wario kicks Mario out of his own castle, and takes it for himself. Mario goes throughout Sarasaland to retrieve the 6 coins Wario used to lock the castle doors. Mario gets all 6, then fights for his castle back from Wario. Mario then returns to The Mushroom Kingdom, while Daisy decides to move in to the kingdom with him, both unaware that Wario followed them there.

13: Super Mario 64.
Mario hears that the princess has baked a cake for him, and visits her castle to retrieve it. However, he finds out it was actually a trap made by Bowser. Mario goes through the castle, jumping through paintings, and collecting the castle’s power stars. He defeats Bowser once again, releasing Peach from the castle mural of her. She thanks Mario, baking him an actual cake.

14: New Super Mario Bros.
Peach is kidnapped once again, this time by Bowser Jr. Mario sets out to get her back from the Koopa brat. He also repeatedly kills Bowser, only for Bowser Jr to revive him. Mario goes through the Mushroom Kingdom, Swimming through the sea, and jumping through the air. Mario saves Peach once again, happy to help.

15: Luigi’s Mansion.
Luigi wins a mansion from a contest he never even entered, only to find that it’s haunted. Not only that, but Mario has been kidnapped by the evil King Boo. Luigi gets a device known as the Poltergust 3000 from Professor Elvin gadd. He captures the lost portrait ghosts, and then King Boo, rescuing Mario. After this, E.Gadd moves to Evershade valley.

16: Super Mario Bros 2.
Mario, tired after being rescued from Luigi, heads to bed. He has himself a dream where he, Toad, Luigi and Peach unite to defeat Wart. After having that dream, he realizes the meaning behind that dream. All of his friends have just as much potential to save the day as he does. So he decides to let his friends have a shot at saving the day.

17: Super Princess Peach.
For once, Bowser kidnaps someone else other than Peach. He kidnaps Mario and Luigi, Leaving Peach to rescue them. You see Peach doesn’t NEED Mario. She just WANTS him. She depends on him to help keep her kingdom in order, but is willing to do the job herself if need be. This shows in her first adventure on her own. She unites with an umbrella named Perry, and rescues her heroes from Bowser.

18: Super Mario Galaxy.
Bowser Attacks once more to kidnap Peach. She just can NOT get a break huh? Mario is Blasted into space where he meets Rosalina and the Lumas. Rosalina requests he gather the power stars used to power her comet observatory, then she could help him find Peach. Mario finds every last star, and saves Peach again. After this, the universe is reborn, and Mario, Peach and Bowser live together in the new universe.

19: Super Mario Galaxy 2.
Mario, after just defeating bowser and helping Rosalina, finds a lost Luma. They help each other out to once again defeat a vengeful Bowser. They travel throughout the new Galaxy, and rescue Princess Peach once more. Afterwards, Rosalina returns to collect her Luma friend.

20: Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon.
Professor E.gadd calls for Luigi’s help once again. The Dark moon in Evershade valley has been shattered, and Luigi must bring the pieces back. Along the way, he finds out that King Boo has escaped from his painting, and kidnapped Mario again. Luigi has no choice but to face his fears, and save Mario from King Boo. After he does, he finds a new pet, Polterpup.

21: New Super Mario Bros Wii.
Bowser, and all 8 of his children go after Peach once more, ON HER BIRTHDAY NO LESS!
So it’s up to Mario, Luigi, and 2 Toads to help rescue her. They all use teamwork to reach Bowser’s castle, and rescue Peach. After Bowser is defeated, The Koopalings and Bowser Jr are grounded for failing to stop the 3.

22: Super Mario 3D Land.
After Bowser steals the Super Leaves from the Tail tree, he gives them to his minions, and takes Peach again. Mario and Luigi use these leaves to get Tanooki suits, and they use them to find the princess. They travel through the world, find Peach, and save her from Bowser and his furry tailed minions.

23: Super Mario 3D World.
Immediately after saving Peach, Mario, Luigi, Rosalina and Toad all discover that Bowser is kidnapping fairies known as Sprixies. The 4 of them unite to rescue them from Bowser’s clutches. They do it with special cat suits that allow them to climb walls. They defeat Bowser, who changes into Meowser, and save the Sprixies.

24: New Super Mario Bros 2.
Mario and Luigi must stop Bowser once more. And this time, the Koopalings aren’t grounded anymore! The brothers travel across the world, which now has 1,000,000 coins. They find Bowser’s castle, and fight him to rescue Peach. They succeed in doing so, allowing Peach to rule the kingdom again.

25: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.
Mario, Luigi, Peach and Yoshi all meet the Rabbids from the Rayman universe. Chaos starts to fly through the Mushroom kingdom as this happens. So it’s up to Mario’s new Rabbid friends to put a stop to the madness. They all unite to defeat Bowser and save both worlds.

26: Super Mario Odyssey.
Mario loses his hat, rendering him useless. And what’s worse, Peach is being forced to marry Bowser. But all is not lost when Mario meets a ghost that transforms into his hat, allowing mario to “capture” anything. Mario teams up with Cappy, defeat Bowser’s wedding planners the Broodals, and save Peach, and Cappy’s sister Tiara.

27: New Super Mario Bros U.
The Koopalings strike back! And now it’s up to Mario, Luigi, And the 2 Toads to put on their flying squirrel suits, and save Peach. Sadly, A rabbit creature named Nabbit is running around causing mischief. Thankfully, Our heroes unite to rescue Peach, and Not let anything, not even Nabbit stand in their way. They all rescue Peach, and now they live happily ever after….for now.

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Any one play Age of Empires III?

Hey every one, i love cricket, music, aoe3, and lord of the rings.
Any comments eh? Also, do you get that feeling when a great piece of music you hear makes you emotional. Not enough to cry, but enough to make you really think about your life. For example, check out these video links:

Love the music in these. I dunno about the last one, i think it might be the wrong link, but it might be the right one too.

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17 days ago

Poll: What Instrumentation would you most likely want to see in a Rainbow Road 64 Duet?

Please reply with the number(#) of the choice you have selected:
1. Piccolo/Clarinet
2. Piccolo/Sop. Sax
3. Piccolo/Alto Sax
4. Piccolo/Trumpet
5. Piccolo/Violin
6. Flute/Alto Flute
7. Flute/Clarinet
8. Flute/Sop. Sax
9. Flute/Alto Sax
10. Flute/Trumpet
11. Flute/Violin
12. Sop. Recorder/Clarinet
13. Sop. Recorder/Sop. Sax
14. Sop. Recorder/Alto Sax
15. Sop. Recorder/Trumpet
16. Sop. Recorder/Violin
17. Tenor Recorder/Clarinet
18. Tenor Recorder/Sop. Sax
19. Tenor Recorder/Alto Sax
20. Tenor Recorder/Trumpet
21. Tenor Recorder/Violin
22. Violin/Violin
23. Violin/Clarinet
24. Violin/Sax [Specify which Sax(Sop or Alto)]
25. Violin/Trumpet

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23 days ago

You wanna guess the song?

Hey everyone, I'm planning to try and put together one of those Guess the Song challenges since they look so fun to do and it's a great chance for me to transcribe
various different songs at once. I don't know if they are still a thing, but I wanted to give it a shot anyway.
I believe it's better to keep it relatively small scoped to begin with, so
I thought to center it around a single spin-off franchise like Mario Kart, since
this series has some of my all time favorite VGM themes and it ties in nicely with my latest Rainbow Road Medley score.
So, with that said, let me know if you would be interested in seeing/participating 
in one of these! Also, if you've already seen or been involved in another 
challenge of sorts and you'd like to share some advice or experience, 
it'd be greatly appreciated.

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Golden Sun - Suite

So I'm planning on arranging a Golden Sun Suite. Ideally I'd like it to be around 15 minutes or less and around 10+ pieces in it, depending on the length of each piece and if I want to do little snippets of some.

I know I want to start with the Prologue and perhaps end with The Golden Sun Rises. I will only include pieces from Golden Sun 1 & 2, not Dark Dawn, however.

So my question is, what pieces do you guys think I should include and in what order? It'd be cool if the Suite took you on a journey throughout the story. I'm open to any other ideas you might have as well.

Here's a playlist of the Golden Sun OST for a reference:

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Warioware gold the musical first song finished!

I'll post the lyrics when i find everyone i need for the song.
Characters needed:
Jimmy T
Digger and Spitz
9-volt (already found)
Dr. Crygor
Kat and Ana
Master Mantis
Young Cricket



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