Xenoblade Medley

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Violin(2), Viola(2), Cello, Flute, Piano
1stViolin2, 2ndViolin2, 1stViola, 2ndViola, Cello2, Flute, Piano (+Percussion)
Main Theme > Gaul Plains > Engage the Enemy > You Will Know Our Names >
Mechanical Rhythm > Beyond The Sky

Shine Through|300 FOLLOWER SPECIAL|Orchestral Arrangements in Description

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I just want to say THANK YOU to EVERYONE that's supported me ...you guys are amazing :D
Thanks to you guys, I've gained confidence in composition that I never would have before...and it's motivated me to push myself to improve. I'm SO excited to have reached 300!!!

Now, onto why this description is so cheesy. Other than having reached 300, yesterday marked the day I had spent exactly one year on musescore. Like daaaaang, time's passed so quickly...

HUGE shout out to all the people that have encouraged me, supported me, been amazing friends, and taken the time to look at, comment on, and favourite my works. You guys made my year :DDD

Also thank you Laughingintherain for being follower #300!!!

Now, about the piece. It's definitely another huge risk I decided to take. I've noticed I tend to use really simple chords over and over again, and thinking about what chords to use wasn't helping much. So this time, I tried NOT to think about chords or theory or anything (I stopped learning theory 6 months ago, so I can't count on that to spoon feed me new chords). I just let my creativity run its own course. To be honest I can't even identify all the chords in here, and I'm pretty sure I broke at least 5 theory rules...if you see them feel free to point them out :P So the not thinking about theory thing has resulted in a kinda weird structure, but overall, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out :D

The soundfont is the akai-Steinway soundfont made by polyphone user Denis. The picture is from 7-themes.com

Ethan Toavs has created an AMAZING orchestral version of this piece - it's a MUST-check-out.
And I know he followed me after 300, but he still deserves a HUGE shoutout for being so supportive and creating such a fantastic arrangement of my piece :D

Also be sure to check out BmMusic's fantastic orchestral arrangement of this piece as well! I was very pleased at how he pulled it off.
And shout out to him for being my 10th ever follower on musescore as well :D

Note: If you want to arrange this piece (or any of my compositions), ASK PERMISSION FIRST. You only have permission to proceed after I give you the thumbs up :)

"Golden Pyramid" (updated piano sheet)

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L. W. M. Tworzydlo, John Lambert. The composer of our times. Selected scores for the piano, Lukasz Wojciech M. Tworzydlo, Gdańsk 2018, p. 19-22.
-> ISMN 979-0-9020142-3-6

Download single score or selected book (for free) through the following web page: https://avantdevenir.wordpress.com/books/

You can follow me on:
(1) Facebook (fan page): https://www.fb.com/cp.avant.de.venir/
(2) YouTube (channel): https://www.youtube.com/c/luqasz
(3) Academia.edu: https://independent.academia.edu/LukaszTworzydlo

Kindest regards,
Lukasz Wojciech M. Tworzydlo

Great Canyon

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Great Canyon from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red/Blue Rescue Team made for a Clarinet Choir. It sucks that the lower clarinet sounds don't come out to pretty, but I'm trying to figure out how to use other soundfonts to make it sound better. But other than that, enjoy!

Where We Used To Be - Xenoblade Chronicles 2

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So... I tried to make this playable but I dont think it worked. The key signature was confusing me :p This song plays on the title screen after you beat the game the first time. It perfectly orchrestartes your journey, from beginning to an. All the troubles that were faced, all the battles that were fought, all the friends that were made and all the laughs that were had. Anyways I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I enjoyed making it!

Emerald|Advanced Piano Solo

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LAST SCORE OF 2018!!!!
This was uploaded at 11:42 pm PST on December 31st, 2018 :P (yeah, musescore's upload date is off cause it's synced to a different time zone...)

Anyway I pretty much composed this entire piece today xD Well, except for the first theme, which I kinda sketched out in about 30 mins 3 weeks ago :P But then it's kinda my fault...cause I told myself I was gonna compose one more piano solo before 2019 and then left the whole thing for the 31st :P. Like holy crap I need to take a break after staring at a screen for several hours straight ._.

But yayayayayayay it's done! So I'm happy :D

ALSO: This is a new thing I'm doing - if you manage to play this piece or any of my piano compositions fluently and up to tempo, you can make a youtube video (public or private; just give me the link) and I WILL feature you. :D People will be able to switch to your playing in the audio sources, and I'll give you a shoutout in the description as well :D (whether or not you want your video to be available to everyone is up to you)

Happy new year, guys!! :D

© 2018 Q. Rebecca Yang

Soundfont: HQ Orchestral v3.0
Cover picture: My Emerald World from desktopnexxus.com
Lift-off (WIP)
Custom audio

Lift-off (WIP)

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Piccolo, Percussion(6), Oboe, Organ, Clarinet(2), Bassoon(2), Guitar(2), Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, Timpani, Strings, Sound effects(3), Piano(3), Harpsichord
This is a work in progress song still in its early developement, the music consist of synths and strings to give a feel of an airliner taking off and reaching a whole new world. The lower strings, Cellos and Basses, are to represent the engines turning on and the other strings and dissonance represent the initial uneasyness that resolves when the plane finally takes off. This is when you enter a new world, as you rise to be above the clouds slow and pretty melodies on the strings represent the feel and build as you get higher and higher until you eventually are above the sky. I hope you enjoy! Remember, a mile on a highway will take you a mile, but a mile on a runway will take you anywhere!

(I Got Spurs That) Jingle Jangle Jingle

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Voice(3), Percussion(2), Alto Saxophone(2), Tenor Saxophone(2), Baritone Saxophone, Trumpet(4), Trombone(4), Guitar, Bass
'(I Got Spurs That) Jingle Jangle Jingle' is a song written by Joseph J. Lilley and Frank Loesser, published in 1942. It was featured in that year's film The Forest Rangers, in which it was sung by Dick Thomas. The most commercially successful recording was by Kay Kyser, whose version reached no. 1 in the Billboard charts in July 1942.

The song is played in the video game Fallout. Arranged for big band ensemble in June 2017.

If you have improvements (e.g. something is impossible to play or it sounds strange), please let me know.
Super Mario 64 Main Theme
Custom audio

Super Mario 64 Main Theme

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Trumpet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Trombone(2), Piano, Guitar, Bass, Percussion
Super Mario 64 theme as arranged by Matthew Taylor