What's next

I am trying to figure out what to play next. I have recently played the Kabealevsky Violin Concerto for a competition and am trying to find some lesser known advanced pieces, preferably 1800-present. 

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7 days ago

My string ensemble

I'm a high school violinist and I am in a small string ensemble (one cello and two violins - possibly three violins/one viola next year when new people come in) and I was wondering if someone could recommend some pieces. Currently we're doing Spring from The Four Seasons.

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23 days ago

Learning on Skype for friends?

Is anyone interested in teaching / learning on Skype? especially those who have primarily or only learn Violin through internet, youtube. ? I have even made a group! Hope interested violinists are active and online here to notice this post!

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4 years ago

printing a score in Musescore.

I have a simple score that I typed, Handel's Air from Water Music Suite no 1, only 1 page.  But when I try to print  on a Samsung laser printer, the program crashes.  I uninstalled Musescore 2, reinstalled a new download and tried again in Windows 10, but it just crashes.  Any suggestions, please this is driving me mad!!  I am not happy with Windows 10, there's too much wrong with it, but now I'm stuck with it.

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2 months ago