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Sheet Music

9 parts 13 pages 1 week ago by klarkc 87 views
Choir Aahs (2), Flute, Violin (2), Viola, Cello, String Ensemble 1, Acoustic Grand Piano
4 parts 7 pages 25 weeks ago by doctorandrewtam pro 219 views
Choir Aahs (4)
8 parts 8 pages 3 years ago by Diana Killion R... pro 652 views
Choir Aahs (4), Oboe, Flute, Violin, Cello
3 parts 4 pages 48 weeks ago by RoSpo321 pro 873 views
Cello (2), Acoustic Grand Piano
6 parts 22 pages 39 weeks ago by RoSpo321 pro 763 views
Violin (2), String Ensemble 1 (2), Acoustic Grand Piano (2)


About this group

The Virtual Choir project by Eric Whitacre attemps to create the world’s largest online choir ever. Last year, they combine 185 voices from 12 countries to sing "Lux Aurumque". This year, they are trying to reach 900 singers with the song "Sleep".

More info :

This group is for discussing this project and gather scores and why not videoscores.