Miniature Piece: Ravel's Pavane

UPDATE: Parts and Click Track available here:
(Paladin maybe ignore this keyboard part as the imslp piano part is actually playable on a piano XD also strings, I'd rather you use the imslp parts too as they mark out divisi versus stops, but whichever you want!) The click track has different cowbells on main beats, with claves on the eighth notes. It has 2 count in bars. Enjoy and tune haha!

Hey again guys!
With delays to star wars, it's time to get something else done!
We're playing Ravel's Pavane pour une Infante Défunte for small orchestra!
Parts: (hopefully one to a wind part)
2 flutes (Shahvardaan 1st, Vanessa 2nd. Other flute players welcome to sign up still though)
1 oboe (TAMC on cornet)
2 clarinets (Bummucus on both, unless another clarinetist wants to record)
2 bassoons (me on euphonium)
2 horns in G (me)
Harp* (Paladin)
Violin 1, div a2 with double stops
Violin 2, div a2 with double stops
Viola "" "" (shadow 8va, and I can transpose it down, or else I'll figure something out)
Cello "" with triple stops (me and Contra on bass)
Bass "" without stops I believe (me and Contra)

We are playing it to the original tempo of 54 bpm, not the modern day 80 cause it sounds rushed XD

-Strings (shadow and contra) maybe record 2/4 times for each violin, 2 for viola, 2 for cello, and 1/2 for bass. MUTE IF YOU CAN
-winds try not to double parts. Everyone gets solos, even clarinet 2 haha! So try to claim your part. I'm pretty sure we have 2 flautists so I'm mainly talking to you guys.

Parts can be obtained from a click track is coming out ASAP with a new edition of parts by yours truly haha so feel free to use either edition (strings may be clearer on the public domain version as I slacked on differentiating divisi and stops)

*Paladin I'd ideally like you to play the piano part found on the imslp page if you don't mind! If it's too hard do your best and we'll fix it in my mixing studio XD also you may wanna record the string parts (particularly viola haha) on vibraphone or something

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One other thing

Please don't post unrelated music in this group (If it's for the virtual orchestra, please put "MVO" somewhere in the title so we know it's relevant to the group).

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Alrighty Everyone

Note: Please don't post anything that's not related to the description below. I'm going to go through and make a note of all the info provided here (instrumentation, etc.), and it'd be a lot harder to find that info if there's a lot of random discussion comments in-between. If you need to ask a question or something like that, that's okay, just try to keep it to a minimum. Thanks!

So things have kind of been on pause for a bit. I've been talking with the other admins, and we talked about how to make this group more organized. As part of that, one of the things we are doing is asking everyone who actively participates in this group to simply let us know by posting in this discussion. Also please tell us what instruments you play, and how much you expect to be able to participate (every project, every other project, only in the summer when school's out, etc.). This won't require or prohibit you to participate in any given project, but it's just so we have a good idea of who we have and how much they're available. Feel free to participate in any project though, and if you have to sit one out, that's completely understandable.
Hopefully we'll be able to get things a bit more organized! You guys are awesome!

a year ago

Pieces to be played

Hello all!
It seems like there are a lot of suggestions of what to play. Don't forget that we will do Star Wars as soon as possible. Who are arranging it? I have no idea :p
During the time Star Wars is arranged, we'll be playing Pavane. See separate discussion for that.
If there are any pieces you would like to play, please post the suggestion(s) here and I'll make a list for the admins. (Ya I know there's an old discussion about this but here's a new more updated one)

2 years ago

Singer and Jazz Combo Wanted!!!

It has really been too long since I've been active on this group, and for that I really apologize. I need to find some able bodied musicians that would be willing to either perform together or individually perform the parts to my jazz piece "Hurry Out".
I do need it by mid-December, but I know there a many of willing and gear musicians and singers on this site that would love to perform my little jazz tune... Right?

If you are interested and willing, please comment on this discussion!
Here is the link to the tune:
The instrumentation will be:
-1 Voice (Female preferably)
-1 Piano
-1 Alto Sax
-1 Bass (Either electric or upright, I'll count my blessing with whichever can be provided!)
-1 Drum Set

I will appreciate any and all help on this project of mine!

2 years ago

Idea or no? Anyway...

I've been looking around in the internet for so long for "free orchestra samples", I'm having an Idea on MVO, What if we make an orchestra sample pack that everyone can use? It could be a SFZ file or just .wav samples. Don't you think?

Also, Beside that, Sorry for no show big time, My PC was destroyed for almost 4 months so I got nothing to do but to get all my instruments stuck in my room waiting for someone to play them(Well not really... Pun intended) but yep. I'm BACK and ready to record a new piece.

2 years ago

Just random crap that's been rolling around in my head

Hey guys,
I've had a lot free time lately (mostly in the shower lol) and I've been thinking. I firmly believe that copyright after an artist's lifetime is just redundant. I feel like any pieces I write are going to hold their copyright only for a limited amount of time, about maybe 10-15 years or so. Afterwards, I will release them to the public domain. I don't believe there's any point in keeping a copyright for so long, especially since I'm not planning to use music as my primary carreer. I guess I'm trying to give something to society but also myself? I don't know. Sorry if you read this and you don't really care, but I just needed to rant that out a little bit. Now if you don't care about elitism in music please do not read onward.

Alright, so first of all, I have nothing against any types of music in general, I might dislike or like more artists in one genere than another, but in my eyes, they're all the same. I feel like there's a section of people in all music generes that think that their music is better than all the rest, and all other types of music are invalid. Those are called the elitists. Now, in most generes, those people are just sort of part of the spectrum, and they do not constitute the majority of the population. Their harmful effects are diluted across a large body. What irritates me is that in classical music, it seems that elitists ARE the spectrum. They are the only ones who make it way way way up to the top, conductor of the Vienna Phil, NY Phil, London Symphony, etc. Do you have to be a butt just to make it to the top? I guess it all does depend on the way you look at it. Some people are going to be there in any form of art that despise anything else. However, elitism in classical music is making it slowly die. Even within orchestras, the sections look upon each other with disdain. Where the reputation of classical music fans is the classic monacled, tea-drinking, fat, person who critiques everything from the 2nd bassoon's tie or the concert hall's seats' plushiness, the real body of classical music fans are the quiet ones who love all types of music. We are slowly turning ourselves into poor, kind people who are percieved as rich and mean. Is that acceptable? I don't think so. Music jobs are going down because the primary classical concert-goer is now a cat lady and the cat ladies are going bye-bye. Classical music does NOT have to be an obession, but everyone thinks it does! Music teachers (no offense, not your fault) are teaching stuff like Beethoven and Accolay, when the kids they're teaching want to learn modern stuff like 21 pilots and other pop. By distancing classical music from these generes, classical music is bringing down the quality of both it's own people and pop music's musical merit. There is the occasional song today that is amazing to listen to, but by and large, the pop music that I listen to is from several years ago, e.g. Fireflies by Owl City, Viva La Vida by Coldplay, and others like that. If you listen to them, their chords are so much more complex than today's. The pop music of yesteryear is (in my opinion) so much more inspirational than today's.

Man, I wrote for a long time. Sorry for the rant, I felt it wouldn't fit into one comment. Delete if you need to.

Thanks for your time if you read it,


2 years ago

What instrumentation can I use when arranging?

I arrange music all the time, and I was thinking of arranging a future piece for the MVO. What I need to know, is what instruments do I have to work with, and what instruments can I write that can be doubled by another instrument? If you are curious, I was looking into a Jaws arrangement that would be fairly easy.

2 years ago

Christmas 2016

Hello all
What are we doing for christmas? I have a swing arrangement of O Little Town of Betlehem but we need drums for that one and I haven't heard anything from Paladin in a while.
Any other ideas?

2 years ago

Would you guys be up for a trombone quintet?

So first off, I have an orchestrated version of a Star Wars song called "Throne Room and End Title that I put together over the last 6 months, and for the last week after I finished I also made a trombone quintet for it as well. I would love to hear what it would sound like, because I don't currently have an alto trombone. If not, at least tell me what you think of it.

I can handle playing the tenor and bass parts, I just need someone with an alto trombone to help make this a real thing

2 years ago

Compositions of Robert Labrosse (Quebec, Canada)

To the attention of Shahvardaan of the MVO
Would it be possible to interpret one or all of the following compositions by the Musescore Virtual Orchestra (MVO)?
À l'attention de Shahvardaan du MVO
Serait-il envisageable d'interpréter l'une ou l'ensemble des compositions suivantes par l'Orchestre Virtuel Musescore (MVO)?

Best wishes for a happy Christmas / Meilleurs voeux pour un Joyeux Noël

Mood-Soul journey / État d'âme-Voyage de l'âme

Uprooting / Déracinement


Hoping to receive a favorable reply, thanking you for your attention, I would like to express my best wishes. Happy Holidays!
Espérant recevoir une réponse favorable, en vous remerciant de votre attention, je vous prie d'agréer l'expression de mes sentiments les meilleurs. Joyeuses fêtes! :D

Robert Labrosse, alias Boebey58

2 years ago

Hello I'm CGM

My name is crazygallantmusician (CGM) and I have just signed up, maybe twice by accident. Anyway, I found this group a while back, but I haven't decided to become active until now. Basically, I play a Bach Strad Trombone, and I play tenor trombone in my high school band, and I play as a bass trombone in my local orchestra. since our orchestra lacks a tuba player who can be a regular member i use my bone to substitute for a tuba until one can come in as a guest.

With that out of the way, I love taking scores off of Musescore and playing on my trombone for sight reading, and sometimes I try to record them to put together a cover. I felt like this was a perfect place to continue this pastime of mine, so I hope i get started soon in the future.

One last thing, I would like to have a brief intro to who all is active on this group so I can get to grips with who does what. thank you.

2 years ago

Special Considerations when Writing Parts

Hey everyone,
I know we haven't gotten a piece together in a while (maybe the Anniversary March will be done soon? XD) Anyways, I've been curious about the instruments in this band, and I'm sure the rest of you are too. For example, I'd be unsure whether to write a low Eb in the euphonium line: does Evilpie have a 4th valve? (you get the idea)
So I thought that was should all post our instrument's 'characteristics' here to be added to a public database.
What qualifies? Anything that allows to write different parts for you:
-Strings: What positions are you comfortable playing in? How's your articulations? ( pizzicato, bartok pizz. etc.)
--Bass: Do you have a C extension or B string?
-Brass: How is your valve/slide action? What mutes do you have? Size of mouthpiece (just big, medium, or small) How are your pedal tones? (excluding trumpets)
--Trumpet/Cornet: Can you 'scream'? (Play well above the staff for short bursts) Do you have a form of intonation adjustment? (third valve slide or trigger) What types of trumpets do you have (piccolo, C....)
--Horns: Doubles? Can you play stopped? Can you read bass clef? String/mechanical linkage? Which range is your specialty (high horn or low horn) if you do specialize?
--Trombone: Can you read tenor clef? How's your high range? Do you have a trigger/valved 'bone? What kind of bell do you have (big rattling bass bell or small bore? or medium sized XD)
--Euphonium: How many valves do you have? (and are they compensating?) Do you have a euphonium or a baritone? I'm assuming everyone reads bass clef (C). How's your high range?
--Tuba: About how long can you play below concert BBb before you feel lightheaded? XD Also, do you read transpositions?
-Percussion: What percussion and mallets/sticks do y'all have? Can you do 4 handed marimba/vibes or bowed if you have a marimba/vibes?
-Woodwinds: What variations do you have? (Piccolo, Alto Clarinet, Contrabass...)

Any others that I missed, feel free to add! XD

3 years ago

Next Piece!

Discuss it here! I will list the suggestions when there are any

3 years ago

My formal Introduction - MMC418

Hi. I am Martha Kronwor. A First-Violinist and Conductor of the PDTHS (Philadelphia Down Town High School]) Orchestra. I live in Philadelphia, USA and Im 16 years old. Transcriber, Composer and Orchestral Arranger. I am currently also playing the Trumpet and Viola, Glockenspiel as a minor instrument. If you will ask me, whats my main instrument... My answer will be Both Violin and Piano.

Reason why I joined a group like this.
I am a musescore user for 2 and 1/4 years... So never was I expecting a virtual orchestra on these days where musescore already has far more independent members than it used to be a long time ago. Ignoring the fact that I do not know when this group was created... I was recently searching for an orchestra that is close to our area that we could collaborate for, on our upcoming January Concert and December... Then I found THIS community group. Believe it or not, but I have my jaws and eyes on the floor when I saw this search resault.
And so I joined this community without having anyone know. Believe me... I want to be annonymous to the crowd for a little while when I join a group/community and see how they work around and observe. And so I found that this was a group for amateurs... But has acceptable music skills, based on listening on the pieces from your youtube channel.

So, now your question... (Comment thread)
#1 How long have you been playing these instruments.
A: The Violin and Viola is 3 years with very formal training and intense practice.
The piano, 7 years... And not a single day did I never put my hands off my yamaha piano.
The trumpet... Well... This is embarrasing, but... Just for a month.
Glockenspiel, About 4 years... Its an easy instrument only though.

More questions? Just ask me in the discussions page] ... Thats all.

Thats all I have to say about me so...

2 years ago

Possible Zelda Medley?

As some of us know, The Legend of Zelda franchise is approaching it's 30th anniversary. Perhaps we could do a medley for it to celebrate! (If admins are down for it then I'll start unless there are objections)

2 years ago

May be irrelevant but...

Hi, since this is a virtual orchestra group... May i ask if we can vote on a new piece that we can play and perform, record, process and finish? The piece I would like us to perform is not uploaded to musescore and the current piece I have is only for a string and brass section. Actually... it will only be a cover of a sountrack and not an original. If this score could qualify: Heart of Courage - Thomas Bergersen.
Just search it in youtube. But search the internet and you will not find any piece for a full orchestra. But... if you dont like to perform this piece... then the only choice is... I will continue to transcribe this piece... and since this group would not want to perform it. I will set a recording session with our orchestra in philadelphia, our schedules for each orchestra member is very tight... so it will be hard to find the right time for 20 violinists to participate. So as the percussion, brass and wind performers.
Thats why I asked this virtual orchestra group if you guys can play it instead. Or a better idea is for the MS Virtual Orchestra group to collaborate with the Philadelphia Downtown HS Orchestra (which I am the first-chair in the violin and Sub-conductor). But i believe its a bad Idea. The desicion is up to the MS VO admins.But I will still reply on this post on the completed transcription.

2 years ago

Hi, can I ask?

What is this group built for, despite its name being confusing to me.
I have a few Ideas,
One: A person composes music pieces, and The rest plays it, or records it live, as an collaboration.
Two: One composes a musical piece and people on reach meet together in a musical stadium and performs there.
ThreeL Its just a virtual orchestra which name i am very confused of.

2 years ago

Bad Puns

Hi guys,
I thought we were getting too serious about this whole thing, and I thought, why not lighten things up by creating a discussion for bad/corny/face-palm-worthy puns/jokes. I'll start.
What's the point of getting a vacuum cleaner if they all suck?

I wasn't originally going to get a brain transplant, but then I changed my mind.

I'd tell you a chemistry joke but I know I wouldn't get a reaction.

Yesterday I accidentally swallowed some food coloring. The doctor says I'm OK, but I feel like I've dyed a little inside.

2 years ago

Funny Band/Orchestra Stories

Hey everyone, I thought making this discussion would be a fun way of telling the hilarious experiences that we've had because of band or orchestra.

I have two stories:

In the first semester of my eighth grade year, our school would have concerts at elementary schools to teach the younger kids about music. Each of the individual sections would play a short piece so they could hear what the instruments sounded like and to inspire them to join the music program. I was doing a solo on the timpanis, and at one point, I tried to do a forte-piano roll. My hands were a little sweaty, so when I hit the initial forte impact, the mallet flew out of my hand and sailed off of the stage XD I had to walk off of the stage and grab my sticks as the entire school laughed at me XD

During the 2nd semester at our spring concert, we were playing a fast piece, and I was playing timpani again. The finale of the piece was the entire band playing the down beat on beat one, grand pausing until the 2nd beat of the next measure, then doing 2-e-&-a-3, at about 180bpm. I hit the downbeat, but yet again, my hands were sweaty, and the stick flew out of my hand, did a spiral in the air, and then I miraculously summoned ninja skills, caught the stick, and successfully played the 2-e-&-a-3 XD Later after the concert, my band director said that she and the orchestra director were surprised that I had caught the stick :P When I was about to leave, I saw one of my teachers and said hi, and he said that he saw me and he called me a "percussion ninja" XD

That is the end of my two stories, now it is your turn!

3 years ago