I'll be picking off the list randomly (or whatever order I feel like), leave a message to add to it:

//username - song
Sinon and Kisa - Hand in hand & Meteor
Aiste Meskauskaite - Remote Paranoia IA
Me - Karma
FinalSans - AGAIN by araki
GalladeL - Sakura Colored Time Capsule
VivWint - Bad Apple!!
sorry_alice - Persecution Complex Cellphone Girl (GUMI)
Samuel Nguyen - Yuuhi Saka - unformed Hatsune Miku
S31k0 - Footsteps of time (kaito)
haycurt - virgin suicides (nem)

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3 years ago

Suggestions for arrangements? [CLOSED]

I have plenty of time right now and I'm officially out of songs that I want to write up music for.
Can someone give me some vocaloid/anime song titles so I could arrange them?
I'd prefer ones that doesn't already have a good arrangement, and not too hard to arrange (songs with a lot of heavy bass makes it hard to arrange...)
Any thoughts would be welcomed!

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2 years ago