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ApplePlayzMusic Has no scores, no Favorites, no Profile, But likes to write: "trash, made me absolutely throw up for hours just hearing the first measure, on the bright side, your getting worse every day, wait thats not a bright side -PS Ya Suck"

I would suggest you "Block" This User.

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a year ago

Comment restrictions

I think a good idea for Musescore is that there are comment moderators, who check comments, and if a comment is rude, disrespectful, offensive, or inappropriate. Also, if a swear is in a comment, it automatically changes it to *'s or #'s.

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26 days ago


 - first created an account under the name Graemx where you uploaded your scores. The account had pro.
-Everything went reasonably well until he received constructive criticism on one of your scores. Note that it was constructive criticism, not insults.
-As a result the person created a thread apologizing to him, to which he blocked him and everyone else who commented on it. he blocked me on the first account for commenting on his score, asking him to resolve the issue going on, appealing to his professed belief in Christ. 
-he then deleted his account named Graemx, with the pro still on meaning he lost money, and created a new account under the slightly changed Graemr
-he began to upload your scores again.
-A couple of others and I tried to comment kind things on your scores, everyone was blocked and called a troll. If he had actually meant what he had said about wanting to receive qualified criticism he would have accepted it from Elliot Butler, who is a Composition Major in college, and who has won several competitions, and has had his music performed live in concert. Instead you blocked him as well. 
-he then changed you name to *.* and deleted all his scores
-he then ask for an option to disable comments on scores, which not only defeats the purpose of this website, but also has not been reciprocated by anyone here at any time.
-he reuploaded his scores
-he deleted his scores
-he reuploaded them again.
-Finally, in the social media section he gave a link to a youtube channel right next to his soundcloud channel. Obviously the soundcloud channel was his, but I was doubtful for the youtube channel. I became more doubtful when there was no mention of his musescore or soundcloud websites on the youtube channel or the website given by the channel. I have contacted the owner of the channel to find out if he is indeed at least a part of it. If not well, it looks rather bad. 

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Well, I just found out there is another kind of snobs and bullies out there: Sockpuppets. Do not let the "Innocent" name trick you, because this is the plague of the internet.

What are Sockpuppets?
A sockpuppet is a person who creates multiple accounts to avoid banning and easy detection of his spam messages or other inappropriate behavior. See and for details.

What can be done?
Admins can deploy rangeblocks and IP banning to kick sockpuppets out. However, this can be quite problematic, as most sockpuppets use internet cafes to access their accounts. To make spotting sockpuppets more efficient, users can see the duck test (see for example usage on wikipedia) to determine whether an user is a sockpuppet.

Users, take action! Discuss your sockpuppeting experiences here on musescore on this threat and report any inappropriate behavior to the admins.

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5 years ago