"New" Group -- Genesis Games Music Team

Hello everyone,

It seems I'm now advertising another new group. (Well, technically, the group I'm about to advertise isn't "new," but nobody besides me has joined it yet at the time of this writing.) The Musescorer Enochulous has made a group called "Genesis Games Music Team" (link here: https://musescore.com/groups/1892176) and is looking for composers and/or other music department members to help him create and share music for some games he is planning on making. (As far as I can tell, right now he's working on one called ZeroBlade Run.) If you're interested in composing for a video game, I recommend you check it out.

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a year ago

Second Player (2P!) Universes

In the Hetalia-Axis Powers fandom, there is a number of fandom-made "parallel universes", one of them being Second Player, or 2P! for short.

2P! Hetalia is simply the Hetalia characters WITH NEAR-OPPOSITE PERSONALITIES. There is a character in Hetalia who is perpetually grumpy and a horrible cook. His 2P is very bright and cheery, and enjoys baking cupcakes. This 2P often puts poison or human meat into the cupcakes, which is why nobody wants to eat his cupcakes. The 2Ps are often murderous and/or sadistic.

(BTW, that 2P was 2P England. If you don't know what Hetalia is you won't get it.)

I was thinking, what if these universes exist? What would they be like? Would China be one of the cleanest countries in the world? Would there still be slavery in Europe? Would Germans (gasp) NOT DRINK BEER?

Tell me your opinion, and remember, that universe is not the exact opposite, but very close.

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4 years ago