What instrument do you play?

Please comment what instrument(s) you play and how well you play, and I will add you to this list.

Piccolos: SkeletonWave, Johnny Sarro
Flutes: SkeletonWave, Johnny Sarro
Recorder: lizzapie, Johnny Sarro
B flat soprano clarinets: Agate817, Rebecca Y, lizzapie, CLARINET2121, Johnny Sarro
B flat bass clarinets: Agate817,
Piccolo clarinets:
Soprano clarinets in A:
Contrabass clarinets:
Alto clarinet:
Basset horn:
Contralto clarinet:
E flat alto saxes: zzaz, Johnny Sarro
Tenor saxophones: kiki045
Baritone saxophones: Johnny Sarro
Soprano saxes: Johnny Sarro
Oboes: kiki045
English horn:

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