How do you choose your names?

Do you make them up? Or take them from names already created? Are they mixes of names you know? Are they references to something? Are they hints at to who or what the character is? Are their names stupid? Are they jokes?

Do you choose them, or does the character, or their parents? Do you take into account the meaning behind the name? Or maybe even the numerology behind it?

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4 years ago

I'm writing!

Plugging like this makes me feel really stupid... :S
But I've set up a WordPress blog at and I would love if you'd check it out once in a while! If you're one of the three people who will likely read this in the next year...

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a year ago

I need help! I've hit writer's bloc.

I need help writing a romance story. I just need some ideas because I love to write romance and romantic struggles like the ones I go through but I have none now. I used to write about my abuser but I don't need to anymore. So please help me with ideas and names!
~Thank you~

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2 years ago

A Question about Writing and Time and Stuff

So I've gotten to the point in the story of mine where I could actually start writing, but I've got a problem. Often I read stuff of mine from just 1-2 years ago, and think 'wow, that really sucked'. But at the time I thought it was good, so now I don't really want to start writing because that, although I feel like I'm good now, I won't be as good as I will be in the future. (I probably explained that really bad but I hope you understood :P) Has anyone else run into this problem and how did you deal with it?

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2 years ago

Language Assisstance

Hey guys, I am pretty new to this group, but it seems like a tight-knit and helpful community of writers. One thing I wanted to ask is for a little help adding words to a Fantasy language I am developing for a story I am writing. I don't have that much in place other than the general sound of the language and a few spelling rules. Help with grammar would be greatly appreciated as well.

Here a a few examples:
Erû: Flames
Lher: Drake
Dakc: Blood
Korkas: King/Ruler
Agphâln (placename)
Kugarn: Mountain
Ar-Daki: of kin, a member of one’s family
Ar- :prefix modifier, attaches a concept similar to English “of”
Corthagas: Sharp/Bladed weapon
Iuth- Water (that first letter is an “i” not an “l”)

And, for an example of how different words are combined:
Lher Ataladac: an order consisting of humans and dragons united in mind and purpose. Comes from lher (dragon), atala (warden), dakc (blood).

Again, thanks for any help and advice you can offer.

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2 years ago


Who here likes to worldbuild? What do you like to worldbuild?

Do you like to create:
- plausible planets, solar systems, moons, etc.
- seasons
- cultures
- politics
- plausible maps (geology and political)
- languages or language families
- history
- timeline (years of war, plague, harsh seasons, abnormal crop yields, births/deaths, etc)
- economies
- utopias/dystopias
- magic systems (mana, rituals, wands, original inventive systems, etc.)
- interplanetary and interstellar gov't
- cultural, race, or human/alien interactions
- plausible technology (futuristic, steampunk, mix electricity and magic, etc.)
- songs, lays, hymns, oral stories from your cultures
- religions, pantheons
- architecture
- animals and plants
- purposely confusing inter-dimensional mechanics (really stretch your brain!)
- all of the above!

Do you world build before you create a story with plot, or build as you go along? Or do you even plan to make a story out of your world? Do you start at creation and work up from there, or skip around in time?

I think this is a rather fun topic, and am curious how many people like to do most or all of these things. With such a wide range of topics, you must become a jack-of-all-trades and in the process learn a lot. But that sounds ridiculously rewarding.

Personally, I would one day like to do all of those things for one world. Have a creation story, the first cultures, a fantasy age, move to a modern industrial age, an intergalactic race, then the end of the universe. The only topics I am not very interested in are economies and architecture. I really haven't got much yet, just a crude language and culture, I know that there will be two moons, and have a single historical event. I have a lot of work to go!

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2 years ago


Alright, lovelies. To encourage you all to write -- and make sure you KEEP writing -- we're going to start up a little 'ol contest here. Every week (starting next week, on Monday, in accordance to the New Zealand calendar [because why not *tips hat to Eva*]) we're going to give you a writing prompt for you to then write a short excerpt in response to. The maximum word count for each excerpt is 500 words, and you can only post ONE entry per week. All those who submitted for that week can -- at the end of the week -- vote for which one is their favorite. The winner of that week is the one with most votes. In the case of a tie, both writers win for that week.

The point of this is to make SURE that you as a writer KEEP writing. After all, how can you ever get better if you don't practice? And I'm sure this'll be nice for all you writers out there who really aren't up for writing a novel overnight. :) Small excerpts = manageable.

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3 years ago

How Cryptic is Too Cryptic?

The story I am currently devoting most of my time to is coming along alright, but I have reached a massive roadblock. The beginning of the troublesome chapter starts out incredibly metaphoric, cryptic and deliberately confused. (The viewpoint character is unconcious or near to it, but still narrating). My main problem is I am having trouble getting out of the abyss I dug myself into in the next scene. If I drop all the figurative language and change the sentence structure back to my norm, it feels too abrupt. When I try easing back to the normal tone, it feels to drawn out. Have any of you had this problem before?

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2 years ago

Who wants to take a SURVEY?!

I posted this in Discussion Group too, so if you see it twice ... my apologies. xP

Alright you guys, I'm a huge MBTI nerd. But when I'm not being a nerd about that, I like to brood over stereotypes of certain psychological constructs and how they affect our lives. This past August I was trying to find something to do with my life, so I went and read 20-30 books on MBTI and Introversion/Extraversion (not wrong spelling, that's how Jung spelled it), only to find that a lot of what was already written on the subject of introversion and extraversion ... was less fact or data and more just horrible, horrible misconceptions and stereotypes. (Ex. "As an extravert I cannot be expected to have a brain." "As an introvert, if I step outside my hermit cave I will surely die." "As an introvert, I must be bookish and shy and have few if any friends because I hate people." "As an extravert, the only thing I know how to do is talk. :D", etc.)

Anyways, in pursuit of greater, more helpful truth for humankind, I'm on this quest to write a solid research paper on the topic -- but I want live, real data. So I've been compiling my friends and teachers (whoever I know knows what I'm talking about and I can convince) to take surveys for me. Unfortunately, this comes out to be only 20-30 people (at this point anyways) and including myself there's only perhaps five extraverts, and I just need more data in general.

I realized yesterday that I have a lot of internet friends of both great intellect and fair diversity -- and more than that, there's a LOT of them. (I started this project in perhaps October, and it only took me THIS LONG to figure out I had more friends than I was accounting for.) In short, I need your thoughts, lovelies. Tell me all you know.



Because of how few extraverts I can find, I haven't created an in-depth survey for extraverts. Right now I have a general Introversion/Extraversion survey, and then I have a survey specifically for Introverts, so if you lovelies could please take these (at most they'll take you 15 minutes!), I would REALLY APPRECIATE IT! Thanks so much!

General survey:

Introvert survey:

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2 years ago

Writing and Critique

Have you guys ever considered setting up a ... help center? Kinda? With writing? Like, we link each other up to examples of our writing and then let the rest of us critique it? Would anyone want to do that?

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4 years ago

New Project!

Just finished the first chapter of a new sci-fi/fantasy project. Would love some comments/critique. Hope I'm not being too intrusive... And you get a cookie if you notice the quote from the contest :P (please forgive all my weird character names...some of them are Japanese names and some are just made up.)

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3 years ago

Word Counts: The Struggle is Real

So I don't know about you guys, but whenever anyone says "word limit" I always get a scared feeling in the pit of my stomach. I end up writing whatever I want, then cutting out whatever isn't ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to get below the maximum. Does anyone have any suggestions as to getting better at writing shorter stories?

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3 years ago


So, as a fantasy writer, I have a very expansive world with an even MORE expansive timeline, and I'm trying to get the whole timeline down but ... you know what would make this a whole lot easier? Something that makes timelines. You know, something you can enter dates and the events into. I've been trying to do something like this using both Word Documents and Word Excel, but .. I dunno. It just doesn't cut it. Has anyone run into a program or something like that that could act as a timeline?

Oh! And something that'll allow you to make expansive family trees as well?

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4 years ago

How to come up with a power?

My MC has a power but I don't know what it is yet. Can someone help me? It can't be too OP, and it also has to be something physical because one of the main plot catalysts is the MC constantly being accused of witchcraft, so it can't be like mental manipulation or something.

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4 years ago