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I wish the musescore would play the trill instead of ignore it. I have a way to simulate trils in the meantime though, just slurr a bunch of 16th notes

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Or 32nd notes. Though it doesn't sound near as good as a real trill does.

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MuseScore ignores just about all articulations. This includes accents, staccato, marcato, fermata, crescendo, decrescendo, trill, slur, and many more. Although, one can download a plugin to create crescendo and decrescendo, but I certainly don't trust it.

TheStranger's picture

musescore actually does play slur, but it just plays the notes that are slurred more closely together.

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Hmm...I stand corrected.

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and it does play staccato notes and a chord in glissando.

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And it uses a slight accent when placed.

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fermata: you cant expect it to know how long you want the note
de/crescendo: not all crescendos are played the same, some start slow and then speed up, some are more even
Articulations: it does use them

if you aren't getting the articulations, make sure you have the latest musescore

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